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#BerniceFitCPT @ufcgym @heroculture Grow baby grow! Building up these shoulder boulders takes hard work… And the mind body connection needs to be made! Other than working on building these up, working on my core with these leg lifts! #beastmode #heroculture @fitnessbear007 #fitnessbear007 #teambombshell (at UFC GYM BJ Penn Hawaii)

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Diary of a Dietetics Student

I’m in my 2nd year (3rd semester) studying at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Because I’m a transfer student from University of San Francisco in nursing, I took a lot of classes that were just for nursing, except the general health major requirements like Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology….and one HUGE thing I didn’t have to take in Nursing school that I have to do a lot of here…CHEMISTRY! I also did take 2.5 yrs off of college… what an awesome break.. and I’ve been back ready for action and more focused than ever on my goal to become a Registered Dietitian! 

Surprisingly, I  did alright! …in general chemistry. Now I’m faced with a MONSTER –> Organic Chemistry. This semester I had to withdraw from it because my grades weren’t too hot in it, and by the time I realized it, it was too late. Now, I have to take it again…maybe next semester….but I need to be ON it from the very beginning! (and I will!)

Here are the classes that I am taking now:

**FSHN 181 + FSHN 181 Lab: The Chemical Nature of Food and Food Prep Lab

**NREM 310: Statistics in Agriculture and Human Resources

**BIOLOGY 171 + 171 Lab: Intro to Biology and Intro to Biology Lab

These classes are enough to take up 15 hours of class. The lab classes are 3 hours long and lecture classes about 50 minutes long. That doesn’t include the 1-2 hours a day that I try to study… but I find that this isn’t even enough time! The load isn’t too crazy right now. But when I was taking Organic Chemistry… it was heavyyy. Glad I’m not taking that this year anymore but back at it next semester.

Let’s look into one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE classes! Beware, your MOUTH WILL WATER….

FSHN (Food Science and Human Nutrition - what the classes in this Nutrition school are called). 

Each week we have about an hour and 20 minutes of lecture. I’ve learned SO MUCH about a variety of food. Many of them are just basic about cooking too, but they’re all good stuff to know! Bet I wouldn’t never really looked into the amount of heat needed to make things from candy, eggs, and the different ways to cook meat.

Let’s look into my Food Preparatory Lab class where we spend about 3 whole hours a week on Tuesdays where in the show “Iron Chef,” we have a “main ingredient” that we make at least 4 dishes from. Our Teacher, Chef Mark, put together a pretty awesome curriculum. We have 12 students in this class. The recipes aren’t supposed to be “health conscious.” That’s one reason why I opted out of training hard for another NPC Bikini Competition FYI.

Take a look at what we made these past few weeks! 

Photo: Me, Mary, Misty (TA), and Chef Mark!

Picture: we made such pretty dishes throughout the year, of course we want to take a picture of it before we grub on it! This is our “Salad Day”

We had a “Pasta Lab” where we made our own Pasta and sauces. Carb load HEAVEN! ahhh!

In our Yeast Breads lab, we made PIZZA from Scratch! During this class, I made my own personalized pizza. Sausage, Artichoke, Pepperoni, Jalapeños, Ham, and Cheese… please! 

4 different kinds of cookies…

Lemon bars, Mint Bars and Apple Pie - in what we call our “sweets lab”

Eggs galore –> In this class I poached an egg and made an eggs benedict for the first time

And at the end of class.. time to GRUB!

And there was so much more that we’ve made. Thanks again to Chef Mark for teaching us SO much during this past semester! 

These “DIARY of a DIETETICS STUDENT” posts should be up every few weeks. 

Til then, get down and rock it this week.. It’s SUPER SUNDAY!


TURN DOWN FOR DUT! You know, because you gotta turn down going out to take DUT! Haha Our class size grew by about 10 ppl from last week! SO PROUD OF THIS TEAM OF DUT BEASTS that worked together, motivated each other, and stayed strong to the end! Shout out to my bro @francisaurellano and client @maribelbazell who came to play! COME OUT TO PLAY NEXT WEEK WEDNESDAY AT 7 PM! Non-members and guests, want to try this class out?! Message me directly and we’ll plan to make it happen! #personaltrainer #ufcfitclub #dotfit #fitness #coach #coachburnice #strong #BERNICEFITCPT #ufcgym #performance #athlete #workout #womensfitness #fitness #healthy #nutrition #ufcgymhonolulu #ufcgymhawaii #uhmanoa #universityofhawaii #honolulu #808 #cardio #ufcfit (at UFC Gym BJ Penn Honolulu)

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Aloha lovelies! 

I wanted to share this AMAZING testimonial from my client, Liz Holthaus. She and I met back in January of 2014 and didn’t start to train consistently until the end of July 2014. I knew she wanted to start training for a figure competition…. but let me let her tell you the story. 

Liz Holthaus

December 2014 Testimonial:

                  What an amazing journey!  One I naively thought would end once I got off the stage, but luckily it’s still going.  My name is Liz Holthaus, I’m 30 years old, and on November 22, 2014 I competed in my first figure competition.  To get a good understanding of what led me to that I think it’s important to hear a bit of my past.

                  As long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight, always being one of the “bigger” girls in school and turning to food for comfort.  This was at its worse when I tipped the scale at just over 190 pounds, and at 5 foot 8 inches this was not cute.  I would put on a happy, confident face to others, but when I was alone I would feel sad, overwhelmed, and ugly leading me to binge eat – followed by the heart crushing guilt and self deprecating.  The next day I would barely eat anything to get myself “back on track.”  This cycle played out for years – back and forth with the scale going up and down.  Thankfully I moved in with my sister who showed me a much healthier relationship with food.  Her example was pivotal in my battle with the seesaw pattern.  I would see that you could eat for the nourishment and pleasure without completely overdoing it.  I have to be honest, I would still binge (in secret because I was ashamed), but the amount and frequency were significantly less than previous episodes.

                  As for the motivation to compete:  during PT school one of my classmates prepped and competed and I got to see her transformation.  It amazed me that it wasn’t just physical, her emotional, mentality, and relationships were all elevated to an extreme degree.  I WANTED THAT!  I wanted to be strong physically, emotionally, mentally, and my relationships to be more fruitful.

                  A year after she competed I started training, while also training for a marathon.  It was hard, so hard I quit Figure prep first and eventually quit marathon training (after getting up to 21 miles).  The overwhelming feeling of failure and defeat was almost unbearable.  I was so embarrassed because I had told everyone I was going to do these major athletic challenges.  Praise God I have amazing friends and family who loved and supported me in this dark time.

                  After PT school I moved here to Hawaii and my main goal for 2014 was to do a Figure competition.  I couldn’t fail again!!  I did procrastinate and only compete in the last one of 2014, but it did happen!  The process to get stage ready was, by far, the hardest thing I had ever done.  Hard physically, yes; but so much more was the mental and emotional challenges.  I cried so many times in the gym I’m surprised my coach, Bernice Aurellano, didn’t just carry tissues with her.  I relied so heavily on Bernice, my growth group girls from church, and prayer to get me through these hard times.  Bernice said at one point that I need to “Find the Joy” and this stuck with me, became my motto!  When I started focusing on the joy in every situation my attitude changed and the results on the scale and measurements started to improve.  It was so exciting!  God provided the exact people, Bible verses, and peace to get me through the three months of prep.

                  The Stage:  well, I have two different experiences with the stage – the prejudging day show was HORRIFIC!  I got up there, picturing myself as the girl that started this journey three months earlier.  I kept thinking “I don’t belong here, I’m so much bigger than these ladies, and my fat is just on display for everyone to see.”  So again, I started crying when I got off stage – tears of pure embarrassment.  But then Bernice showed me pictures of the lineup, with me next to some of the other competitors, and I honestly didn’t think it was me.  But it was, and that’s when it hit me – what a huge accomplishment I had done.  I AM a Figure Competitor!  So I cried again – but happy tears this time!  This made the night show the cherry on top!  I felt confident, beautiful, and strong!  Some of my coworkers, growth group girls, and Bernice were there and I could hear them yell for me while I was up on that stage, and I could feel the love and support – truly the most incredible feeling in the world.

                  Next phase is finding balance, which is proving to be harder than I thought it would be, but I’m hopeful that (with the help and guidance from Bernice) I can accomplish this too.  I do want to compete again in a few months, and I might have inspired two coworkers and one close friend from church to compete too!  Yay!!  It amazes me the impact something like this competition has had on those around me.  Every day I get told how good I look, that I’m an inspiration, and that I’m someone’s “girl crush”  J  Love that!  Even people I haven’t spoken to in months are reaching out and sharing their fitness goals.  God uses all of us to touch others’ lives – we just have to be willing to be His tool.

                  My advice to anyone training for their first show is to “Find the Joy” right from the beginning.  Find things to be grateful for and to celebrate everyday – try to enjoy the process knowing you can motivate and inspire LOTS of people!  The other big thing that helped me was the progress pictures.  There were times when I didn’t think my body was changing, but Bernice would show me previous pictures and it really solidified that my body was changing and to keep it up. 

                  I owe thanks to God, first and foremost!  It’s ALL possible through Him!  I am so thankful and grateful to Bernice who was not only my trainer and coach, but my motivator, inspiration, therapist, and FRIEND!  My growth group girls, church, coworkers, and my family all provided so much love and support throughout this crazy journey.  Their encouragement kept me going when I thought it wasn’t possible.

                  Here is to being stronger:  physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – not only for ourselves, but for the countless others around us who can be inspired to be their best versions too!  God Bless!  Now get to it!  

Now that you’ve read what she had to say… are you INSPIRED?! Let this video tell you more of the story: 

I worked on this video project for a while to make sure it was one that I could share with the world that would not only inspire but also help people to know that they too could do what they set their mind to. Liz did just that!

Just a little “inside” on her supplement and fitness  program:

We always used the dotFit program. She used the exerspy and we kept track of daily caloric burn and intake. She uses dotFit’s Active MV, Superior Antioxidants, Super Calcium, Amino Boost XXL Lemonade, and Therm Accel and Fat Release.

I’m blessed and SO THANKFUL for people like Liz that are brought into my life. 

Always remember this: 

More sweaty hugs and aloha’s,