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Presenting to you the Doctor’s brother, Irving Braxiatel
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Irving Braxiatel Time-Line;

“In November  2003, Miles Richardson made the first of several appearances of as a younger Braxiatel set prior to his appearance in the Benny plays. This was in the three-disc Doctor who Audio, Zagreus, a special story by Alan Barnes to celebrate Doctor who’s the 40th Anniversary.”-Bernice Summerfield, the inside story.

A lot of people have asked for an updated version of Irving Braxiatel’s time-line and here it is! I am aware that other people will have their own theories of how Braxiatel time-line works but in my mind, this is how Braxiatel’s time-line works from Empire of Glass, Gallifrey, Dellah, Collection and Legion and back to Gallifrey again.

Hope this all makes sense!

trying to understand brax’s timeline is like unravelling the worst knot of headphone wires imaginable. except there’s multiple headphone cables and they’re spliced together in weird places and you’ve somehow found three of the plug end and none of the headphones. also they’re all black cables and it’s dark. someone is laughing in the background. you’re not sure they’re actually the same thing, or if they’re even really headphones at all…

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Have you ever listened to the Faction Paradox audios? If so are there any contunuity problems when put against other media like the EDA books or the later Bernice Summerfield audios with Sutekh?

Yeah, I’ve heard them and they’re great, but:

a) Doctor Who has no canon and Faction Paradox has like… double no canon

b) I had surgery earlier this week and my brain is still dead so I’m gonna go ahead and pass this question over to the fandom

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Okay, I give in. Who is Irving Braxiatel? Google is just being confusing.

Well, the bad news is I’m in no way qualified enough to give you a complete rundown of his life, but the good news is that no one is and we’re all pretty much just as confused as you are. 

“Irving” Braxiatel is a Time Lord, and sort of a rogue one, like the Doctor. He’s probably the Doctor’s brother, although that’s never been explicitly confirmed, just hinted at in a variety of creative ways. He’s smarmy, too clever for his own good, and a giant, giant ham. 

He was first mentioned in Douglas Adams’s TV episode “City Of Death”, and later appeared in the Doctor Who novels as Bernice Summerfield’s boss. (If you made it through that sentence without googling anything, you’re doing great!) He owns a big art collection and likes to manipulate people. With even less regard for the Laws Of Time than the Doctor, Brax’s hobbies include hanging out with his past and future selves, cloning himself, hypnotising his friends, lying about timelines and always having a whole deck of proverbial cards up his sleeve.

When Big Finish started making Bernice Summerfield audios, Braxiatel became a main cast member. He’s played by Miles Richardson, who not only happens to look suspiciously like illustrations of Brax in the novels but also has a habit of talking about Brax’s life in first person, leading fans to naturally assume there isn’t actually any difference between Irving Braxiatel and Miles Richardson whatsoever. 

Here’s where it gets complicated! When Big Finish’s big giant anniversary episode “Zagreus” came around, Brax had a quick cameo from some point in his past, back when he was still living on Gallifrey. Then the Big Finish “Gallifrey” spinoff happened, and young Braxiatel became a main cast member in that series as well, as President Romana’s evil morally ambiguous Chancellor. He dashed in and out of plotlines, turned out to have manipulated frankly ridiculous amounts of the main Doctor Who plot (gloriously so), and basically tried to control all of Gallifreyan politics with his left pinky finger while secretly running an illegal art collection off-planet. Then, a few seasons in, the whole thing got mixed up with Bernice’s plot, with Braxiatel ending up in his own life before he was leading that life. Possibly. The whole thing involved portals and alternate universes and an alternate Sixth Doctor and the Axis Of Time itself and a giant explosion to boot, so at this point the only person who knows what’s going on in Braxiatel’s tangled timelines is, well, Braxiatel. 

Tl;dr — massive Gallifreyan ham whose timeline looks like a pound of silly string left out in the suns for too long. 


Completely 100% serious predictions for Time Heist.

(If anyone needed another tale of bank robbery in the Doctor Who universe, try the Bernice Summerfield audio Glory Days. I swear this post makes sense in context.)