bernhard medium gothic

anonymous asked:

Hello, I just want to say that I love your work! I was just wondering what fonts u guys use?

Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying BSD with us ~

As for fonts, we mostly use:

  • CC Wild Words (normal talk) 
  • Impact (titles)
  • Death rattle BB 

  • Blam Blam Heavy
  • Blowhole BB 
  • Bucket o blood 
  • Augie (handwritten style text) 

Others are Big Noodle Titling (walkie-talkie/phone lines), A little pot (side text), Crash landing BB, Edo Regular, Feast of flesh BB, Scream again, Straight jacket BBWhoopass, Damn noisy kids (SFX),  Bernhard gothic medium, Riesling etc.

Special mention goes to International Playboy (Dazai in chapter 51).


I’ve been (slowly) sorting through 64.2 lbs of Bernhard Modern Gothic type (18, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6 pt.) that was being sold as scrap. I’ll probably end up sorting through all of it except the 8 & 6 point bags. So if anyone is in need of 8 & 6 pt. Bernhard Medium Gothic (of unknown condition) and willing to pay postage, I’ll ship it to ya.