Autistic!Sherlock in Elementary: S3E4 - "Bella"

Joan: [yells] “How can anyone work with this on?” [in reference to the death metal]

Sherlock: [yells] “It’s rather like rubbing a belt sander over one’s brain. There are moments when that’s necessary.”

Sherlock [to Joan]: “You and I are bound, somehow.”

  • Sherlock mimicking Clyde’s mouth movements while watching him eat
  • Comfort clothes: Buttoned up shirt to the very top, as well as the return of his colorful socks.
  • While I’m not saying that Sherlock’s special interest in Alan Turing’s Turing Test is a quasi-result of a sort of autistic-people-gravitating-towards-each-other-and-their-interests circumstance, I’m not saying that it’s an impossible theory.
  • Sherlock bouncing as he finishes telling Kitty about the Turing Test plan
  • Finger stims when he meets Melinda Young and starts talking to Bella
  • Need for companionship: Sherlock’s original hyperfocus on interrogating Bella eventually turns into a need of a sounding board. Sherlock converses and inquires into complex questions (mostly about love) in a manner that the audience can imagine him doing so with Angus. His insecurities about his own feelings could, in that moment, be comforted by talking with Bella (which he still has hesitations about telling his friends). Sherlock probably found it stimulating in a different way than with Angus, since Bella could respond back to him.
  • Meltdown: Joan recognizing that Sherlock, after the first contact with Bella, was close to a meltdown when Kitty called her. Joan tells Kitty to, “ride it out”, and to use a fire extinguisher on him if he starts hitting things.
  • Finger stims while at the waiting room of Bernett Technology
  • Sensory seeking: Sherlock blasting death metal music at high volume in the precinct. He views the occasional “belt sander” feeling as necessary.
  • Social niceties (or lack thereof): Sherlock takes a pause to think about why telling Joan that he likes Andrew would be important to her. This is a good example of how he might not always remember or imply social nuances (especially in a friendship), Sherlock can do so without being intentionally or unintentionally crude. Another important moment was Sherlock voicing out his boundaries in not wanting a hug, and not being villainized for it.
  • Genetics: Sherlock’s mother, AT LAST, had a mention (though brief). We learn that she was loved by Sherlock during his conversation with Bella about the point of love.

Lastly, there’s an important PSA regarding the flashing images during “Bella”. Please take care and caution while watching.

College student launches new line of dolls for boys of color

WELLESLEY, Massachusetts (AP) – When Jennifer Pierre visits the toy store, she sees shelves of dolls that are mostly girls and mostly white. She wants to change that.

Pierre, who’s finishing a master’s degree in entrepreneurship at Babson College, is launching a new line of dolls designed for boys of color. One is meant to look like an African American boy, with curly natural hair. One is Indian American. Another is biracial.

The goal is to give boys of all races a doll that looks like them, and that they can be proud of. Her new company is called Melanites, a reference to melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color.

“We’re a toy company, but we’re trying to become a whole brand that celebrates brown boyhood,” said Pierre, 23, of Pompano Beach, Florida. “I want it to be normal for a kid to go into the aisle and see themselves on the shelf.”

For now, Pierre is taking orders while she tries to raise $35,000 to manufacture the first dolls. She hopes to have the first batch delivered by Christmas and sell them online and in specialty stores afterward.

The first prototype is an 18-inch doll named Jaylen, designed to look like a young black boy. It’s made of plastic, with limbs that can bend and twist like a big action figure. To boost appeal for boys, Pierre plans to advertise them as “action pals,” not dolls.

But part of her goal is to erode the idea that dolls are for girls. She wants to blur gender lines in the toy industry, and to move away from action figures that depict men with guns and big muscles.

“Parents are tired of the pink aisle and the blue aisle,” Pierre said. “They want something they can give to their sons to teach them empathy, or to inspire them.”

Each doll is meant to have its own personality. Jaylen is an inventor. Aiden, who’s biracial, likes to tinker. Marquis, of Caribbean American heritage, is a performer. Pierre plans to sell story books that take the characters on missions as astronauts, for example, or archaeologists.

The idea struck Pierre while she was working at a community center in Florida before moving to Massachusetts. Time after time, she heard boys say they wanted to become rappers or basketball stars, not doctors, lawyers or engineers.

“It’s not because that doesn’t happen, but because they don’t see it in their community,” she said. “I wanted to change that and give them different options, because you can’t be what you can’t see.”

Her idea reflects broader shifts in the toy industry, experts say. More companies are blending science lessons into their toys, and adding diversity of all types. Hasbro now makes toy guns for girls. Another brand, Guy Gear, sells crafting kits for boys.

“This is where our world is going and we want to make sure we’re addressing those needs,” said Ken Seiter, vice president of marketing communications for the Toy Industry Association in New York.

In a focus group, 4-year-old Zion Dawson tested the Jaylen prototype while his mom, Bernette, watched. He was fascinated by the idea of a toy that looked like him, his mother said.

“It’s a positive influence,” said Dawson, of Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood. “There’s a lot of girl empowerment with different girl dolls; why can’t my son have that same experience?”

Despite old stereotypes, some research suggests that it’s normal for boys to play with dolls. A 2013 study at Australia’s Western Sydney University found that baby boys preferred playing with dolls over toy cars or other machines.

Soon after Zion tested the Jaylen doll, his mom submitted an early order to buy one. But Dawson admits that even she used to think dolls were strictly for girls.

“At one point in my life, I was against young boys playing with dolls,” Dawson said. “But I think as society has evolved and I have evolved as a parent, I’m more open to it.”

Finally combed out my entire head full of hair. My hair hasn’t self to soft and looked so thick before until I actually sat down and spent an entire hour combing through each section of hair.

B.A.P as inspirational quotes

Daehyun: You have to be odd to be number 1. - Dr. Seuss

Youngjae: Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein

Yongguk: If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl..but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward. - Martin Luther King Jr.

Jongup: Life is tough, my darling, but so are you. - Stephanie Bernett Henry

Zelo: Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. - C.S. Lewis

Himchan: It always seems impossible until it’s done. - Nelson Mandela