Bare Landscape

A town where no one has ever seen you,
A godforsaken branch of heavens and hell,
A spacious, picturesque cemetery,
The building of offices, building of local administration,
Closed store;

In the dusty empty street, banner
Hanging on chains and screeching inaudibly:
John Bernett, attorney at law.


Full dress uniform worn by Major-General C J B Hay, The Queen’s Own Corps of Guides, Punjab Frontier Force Infantry, 1903 ©.

The Corps of Guides, consisting of both Cavalry and Infantry, was raised at Peshawar on 14 December 1846 by Lieutenant Harry Bernett Lumsden. Lumsden, realising how impractical Army uniforms were, both for ease of movement and camouflage, obtained vast quantities of cotton fabric which was dyed by the Indian method of using river mud. The result was a loose fitting uniform which, because of the yellowish dust-colour of the fabric, provided useful camouflage. The Indian word for dust was khaki and was adopted for this innovative colour for uniforms.

Lumsden and the Corps of Guides are credited with being the first to wear khaki which after the Boer War (1899-1902) became the universal service wear for most of the world’s forces. Although a more European style of dress was adopted by the officers after the Indian Mutiny (1857-1859), a light-coloured version of khaki, known as ‘drab’, continued to be worn both in full and undress by the Corps of Guides.

NAM Accession Number

NAM. 1951-12-55-1


National Army Museum, London


National Army Museum, Study collection

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A-Z 🙃

A. Absolute vodka
B. Bernett’s vodka
C. Crown Royal whiskey
D. Daiquiris
E. Evan Williams whiskey
F. Four Lokos
G. Grey Goose vodka
H. Hpnotiq
I. Irish coffee
J. Jose Cuervo
K. Kinky
L. Livingston Wine
M. Michelob beer
N. Ninety-nine Bananas
O. Oculto beer
P. Pina colada
Q. Quail’s Run
R. Rum
S. Skyy vodka
T. Tequila
U. Untouchable beer
V. Vodka
W. White Russians
X. XXX On The Beach
Y. Yukon Jack (okay I had to look that one up)
Z. Zu and Tonic

Man chokes to death trying to eat mcdonalds cheese burger in one mouth full.
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A man has died after he choked trying to eat a cheeseburger in one go, an inquest has heard. Darren Bray, 29, stuffed the McDonald’s burger in his mouth at a friend’s house. Mr Bray, from Treharne Road, Barry , arrived at Amy Bernett’s home with a can of alcohol in his hand. The pair sat on the sofa talking as they waited for Ms Bernett’s partner Sam Bisgrove to return home from a night out in Bristol. When Mr Bray arrived Ms Bernett said he seemed his “usual self”. The inquest heard how Mr Bisgrove had stopped in a McDonald’s restaurant on his way home and had text Amy to ask if she or Darren wanted him to bring anything home. In her statement, Ms Bernett said: “Sam text me on his way home to say he was in McDonald’s. I had a McFlurry and Darren asked for a cheeseburger.” She then described how, after Mr Bisgrove returned home with the food, Mr Bray said “watch this” and using two hands “rolled his burger up in a ball and pushed the full burger into his mouth”. Chest compressions Her statement said: “He started making horrible noises, like he was choking, and his lips turned blue. I started to slap him on the back and Sam phoned an ambulance. "When he was struggling he stumbled out the garden and leaned against the trampoline.” The inquest heard how Ms Bernett and Mr Bisgrove tried to put their fingers down Darren’s throat to remove the burger and started doing chest compressions until the ambulance arrived. Geraint Huw Evans was one of the paramedics on the scene and in a statement read out at the inquest he said he received a call at around 12.52am on Sunday, October 11, to attend a call of a cardiac arrest. In his statement, Mr Evans said that when he arrived he saw a person lying on the ground next to a trampoline and another male performing CPR on him. He described how a woman at the scene was also “frantic and crying and asking ‘is he going to be OK?’” 8x5cm piece of food The inquest heard how paramedics tried to remove food from Mr Bray’s mouth using a suction device, performed CPR, chest compressions and gave him four doses of adrenaline but a defibrillator showed no activity in the heart. At 1.11am resuscitation attempts were ceased and Mr Bray was pronounced dead. Giving evidence, Dr Rhiannon Trefor, who carried out the post-mortem, said a 8x5cm piece of food, called a food bolus, was found stuck at the top of his neck, above his vocal chords. A small piece of yellow matter, which “could be part of the cheeseburger” was also found by his lungs. A toxicology exam was also undertaken to “make sure his judgement was not skewed by alcohol”. 'He would not have suffered’ Dr Trefor reported the cause of death as “obstruction of the airways by a food bolus”. When asked if elevated levels of alcohol or cocaine could have contributed to his death, Dr Trefor said: “I think the most relevant information comes from the witness statements. When he arrived at his friend’s house he was acting normally so I don’t think it would have affected his judgement.” She also added that Mr Bray’s death would have been quick and he would not have suffered. Assistant coroner Christopher Woolley recorded a verdict of misadventure.
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Amelia Lionheart, of course!

Full Name: Amelia Roxanne Lionheart
Gender and Sexuality: Female, Bisexual
Pronouns: She/Her
Ethnicity/Species: Caucasian/Human
Birthplace and Birthdate: Antvorskov, Amestris / May 30, 1887
Guilty Pleasures: Hiding under a boiler to eat jerky. THE GENERAL WILL NEVER KNOW.
Phobias: Blood. Dear god, she hates it. Sure fire way to make her sick and shaky.
What They Would Be Famous For: … Probably her boobs. I’m so sorry. I’ve failed you.
What They Would Get Arrested For: Causing an avalanche somewhere, somehow probably.


OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Bernadette. But, Bernette would murder a lot of people. Or have them murdered since she doesn’t wanna get her hands dirty. 
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Action for movies, romance for books.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: She really hates forced romances, though. HAAAATES it.
Talents and/or Powers: She’s a great engineer. Also, she’s got great aim, so if she used a gun, she’d be deadly. She only uses it for snowballs, though. 
Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s so… vibrant. Bright, cheery, fiery.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: The above. You either love it or you hate it, you know?
How They Change: All the shit that happens in Amestris makes her more contemplative. She gets a little PTSD, since Briggs got attacked when the General went south, and she saw some people she liked die. But, overall, she keeps that bright, cheery outlook. She does NOT let things get her down. That’s the northern way.
Why You Love Them: She’s just so goddamn loveable. I think she’s my most charming OC in that department. I admire how she just manages to smile, no matter how bad things get.

Some Updated Things about my Animal Characters

The lovable Beast is abused and tortured to insanity but still remembers his friends with kindness. He will probably kill anyone who comes into his “new home.” ( Aka the place he was tortured in and left in )

Owen and Peokka’s lives are normal and healed but Peokka still feels pain within her while she sleeps. Probably a secret I will post when I get 50 or 55 followers.

Some characters I never used are Lisa and Bernette. Lisa isn’t always cherish after she thought her best friend/kinda crush Bernette died. Bernette has been changed completely with her looks and herself. She lives normally in a small town somewhere in Canada.

These characters are always able to be roleplayed with.

The Evening Spider by Emily Arsenault

Review: 3/5

External image
The Evening Spider: A Novel - Emily Arsenault

1885, Northampton Lunatic Hospital. Frances Bernett is retelling her story to a visitor. Frances is a young wife and a mother who started to question her memories and her sanity after her child was born. Could her pregnancy have hurt her sanity? And, her obsession with the (true) murder trial of Mary Stannard seems a bit odd.

Present day. Abby is a new mother and she has adjusted to motherhood just fine, but then she starts to have odd experiences in her house. It feels like there is something, someone in her daughter’s room and she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night hearing through the baby monitor “shh”, like there is someone in there comforting her baby. Through research, she finds out that Frances Barnett lived in the house 125 years before. Could Frances be haunting the house, and if so why?

The cover and the interesting blurb caught my attention and I was eagerly approaching the day I could start to read this book. I love reading books with a parallel story line. And, this one appealed to me quite much because I love haunted house stories. The blurb I read said that it was a psychological suspense and I can understand that the book has been labeled that, unfortunately, I never felt any suspense while reading this book. But, I can understand that there are readers that this book will appeal to very much. I’m just a very hard reader to impress sometimes. I think my main problem was that the story set in 1885 never really got interesting enough for me, the diary notes about the trial and another case that France’s husband was representing just never fully worked for me. I did wonder about Frances growing interest for arsenic, especially when she apparently had done something awful to be put in a lunatic asylum. But, I just never really found myself that deeply interested in Frances and her life.

I did, however, like Abby and reading about her struggle with coming to term if the house was haunted or not. And, through Abby’s struggle, we get to know more about her and a very painful memory that she is caring with her. I think Abby slowly learning more about the house, revealing some info here and there about her past is what makes the book truly interesting.

The ending was good, especially when the truth about Frances being in a lunatic asylum was revealed.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, just because I didn’t feel that this was a thrilling psychological novel doesn’t mean that other would not find it so. As I wrote before; I’m very hard to impress sometimes. However, it was interesting to read, and I think if you like reading about women in the last 1900-century and their role in society will you like this book.

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through Edelweiss for an honest review. 

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