bernardo garcia


#SDTG POV RANT POST Part 2. Stop complaining! Really pissed off

If you really want to have the movie on your own way, then CREATE YOUR OWN SDTG MOVIE - Buy it on Star Cinema and Ms. Bianca Bernardino then produce your own movie using your imagination - because you want Kenji to be the perfect gangster that you pictured in your imagination. Find your own artists that would give a damn justice on the characters of SDTG. Then find a sponsor, people who’ll watch your movie and who will support it. And make sure you can level your imagination with the works of the most prominent people in the industry, Ms. Cathy and Ms. Carmi.

Pardon if some of my statement seems to be rude of approach but I’ve really had enough. The management and the author of the book will not give this kind of trust to this project if they don’t believe in the people behind SDTG the movie.