Bernardi Roig born 1965 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain is a multi-media artist who left drawing to explore sculpture, photography, and video. 

Roig speaks to the viewer through his solitary man; the human body and its symbols, reflecting on the meaning of life itself. He forces us to confront our desires: the human concepts of progress and social change, which remain unfulfilled. With these illusive, undefined objectives the artist invites a dialogue on the multiple identities of contemporary man, seen in the light of art and philosophy.

He currently lives and works between Madrid and Binissalem, Mallorca, Spain. Check out his Facebook.

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Bernardi Roig’s Light Sculptures Portray Dark Emotions

While light is a traditional symbol of knowledge, Bernardi Roig uses intense, blinding beams of light in his sculptures to spark a conversation about the ways one can become desensitized when bombarded with images from television, the Internet and the various forms of media ubiquitous in contemporary society. Roig’s characters seem attracted to the beams of light like moths, but sometimes their own impulses work against them and they become blinded, even suffocated, by the rays. Take a look at some of Roig’s work below.




Beautiful and melancholy sculptures by Spanish artist Bernardi Roig. We love his use of mixed media and the human form to convey emotion and comment on humanity. From his bio: “The studio practice of Bernardi Roig speaks of society at the edges, caught in a time tainted by the loss of historical memory and identity. The Artist works in a wide variety of media, but always focuses on the conflicts that arise from the lack of communication between us.”

Bernardi Roig - Je est un autre (G), 2013

“This small but powerful show of new drawings and sculpture by Bernardi Roig revolved around the the theme of the decaying image, a process presented here as either subtle or aggressive, but always inexorable. Combining meticulous craftsmanship with uneasy references to art history, the artist proved himself deft with line and material as well as with concepts.”

- George Stolz

ARTnews reviewed Roig’s exhibition The Mirror (exercises to be another) in their March issue. For the full article, click here.