bernard patacsil

| photography credits: Linus Wong |

Last night, while driving to the airport to send off one of my closest friend, I couldn’t help to reminisce the exact same feelings I felt around 9 years ago when my mum and dad had to leave us in Manila and go to London for half a year. It was a great goodbye and see you later session but it didn’t work for me. I tried holding all my tears in until a tear dropped and the next thing I know I’m asking someone for a tissue. I never cry. I never ever cry in public. I still can’t believe that I cried on the train back where there’s a lot of people looking at me thinking I just broke up with someone or someone dumped me. 

It’s such a painful feeling knowing that everything, for the past year, will now be replace by something else. It’s really hard to see things change and not knowing what the future holds for each and everyone of us. School year is literally just around the corner and I still can’t imagine myself in a big university and without the group of people that I hang out with during breaks and after school hours. 

Unfortunately, change will not end here. “Change is constant and everything is just beta”. 

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