bernard larouie


“Bernard… You’re fidgeting”

“I aint fidgeting…”

“Yes, you are… It’s okay to be nervous”

“Of course I’m nervous! My crazy wife is trying to kill me! Annie, I can’t be goin out to a party! They’ll poison my food or shoot me!”

“You’re very adorable when you’re twitchy, but don’t be so scared! You know I’d crush anyone that tried to hurt my Bernie.”

“*Grumbles incoherently and looks around*”


For my friend 4eyeswordsmith because it’s cute lol


Bernard: You want to NOW?
Antheia: Why not? Thought you liked doing it on the couch
Bernard: When we’re not a room away from your daddy coming out and ripping my head off… And get your shirt on, you’re a distraction!
Antheia: *Sticks her tongue out at him*


RPing with Abri and I just had this amusing little image in my head XP