bernard bernand

cittrus drew some of her ocs in AC and i wanted to do it too!!! ofc paco was the easiest

adult bernard actually has a different outfit but he’s enough of a dweeb to wear the exact same thing

this is the best thing i’ve ever drawn akkdjlfa


it takes all my might not to put this under a read more because i need to put info about this character. i reeeeeeally want to get use to posting my stupid scribbles online but i’m too nervous but i need to get over it!!! ugh ugh.

Anyways, this is Bernard, shiny Reuniclus. He is modest nature although he is somewhat vain in his battling skills. He spends all his time training or studying which is why he is his final evo despite being young. His ability is Magic Guard. Highly intelligent but easily prone to manipulation especially by his best friend, Paco.