bernadine harris

This motherfucker is psychotic! I bet you there are serial killers less anal. A white woman’s the only one who will TOLERATE your smug ass. I was your white woman for eleven years! You couldn’t have started that damn company without me. Hell, I WORKED MY ASS OFF! I mean, I got a Masters’ degree in business, and there I was - his secretary, his office manager, and his COMPUTER! “No, Bernadine, you can’t start the catering business this year. Why don’t you wait a few years? Yeah, don’t start now; wait one, two, three years. I need you to be the FUCKING BACKGROUND to MY foreground!” 732…732…the number of times that we made love. I remember when that bastard told me he was counting - right after 51! I’ll show you! FUCK ME FOR NOT LEAVING YOUR ASS THEN! But the worst, oh the FUCKING worst, was making my kids go to a school with two other black children because you didn’t want them to be improperly influenced. Well, guess what, John?! YOU’RE THE MOTHERFUCKING IMPROPER INFLUENCE! Get your shit, get your shit, and GET OUT!
—  Bernadine Harris (Angela Bassett) x Waiting To Exhale