Isn’t it amazing that Trump nominates like-minded and unqualified people to head essential government agencies? Trump is ignorant and unfit to be the President, so why not? And, like-minded people voted for this skunk called Trump.

Oh, my god, this is such a tragedy.
In a developed nation too.
What an embarrassment to the world and what an awful situation. I’m guessing there is much more Shane’s in the same position? And many more Azars who couldn’t give a toss? 😔

“I can’t believe the day is finally here, you’re graduating!” Scarlet cooed, gushing over how grown up her children were.

“You both look so beautiful, oh, where has the time gone?” She clasped her hands together, leaning against Bernard’s tall frame as he took pictures.

“Also, thank you for shaving, Tony. You looked like a completely different person with your beard,” Tony stifled a laugh at his Mum’s remark, trying desperately to stay posed.

“You’ve both grown into amazing people - haven’t they, Berns?”

“You’re just going to disregard all the mood swings from Tony?”

“Berns! He was hormonal, you weren’t perfect either,”

“Alright, alright. He’s great, you’re both great. Never been prouder,” Bernard smiled warmly.

The family proceeded to embrace one another through laughs and tears; having fought through the hardest years of their lives it was a godsend to have a beautiful day to begin a new chapter.

Oh man OCs dancing? I can get behind a character meme like that :0


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He can’t really dance that well (besides the drills Josie and Leliana made him run for Halamshiral; he has trouble remembering steps) but he can sway to a rhythm and he likes making dorian feel cherished because he is a Good Boy


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Her faceclaim is a ballet and modern dancer, so though the Dalish probably don’t dance en pointe, definitely with the kind of grace and control that a ballerina has

(the inquisition will likely never see her dance, however, beyond what political schmoozing requires)


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Amelia prefers dances that have rote steps, forms she can perfect–and a partner who doesn’t mind that if she treads on their toes


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Andrin just wants to feel the music, man. they don’t care much how they look; they know they’ve got short limbs and a broad torso that doesn’t really do “graceful” easily, but they’ll kick it just for fun


Honestly, if she wasn’t such a complete mess herself at the moment, Ange could probably be a pretty positive influence on Erika? Help encourage her to channel all her… Erika-ness… less into whatever Bern says and more into what Erika herself thinks and wants.

My biggest disappointment re: Erika, honestly, has been that we didn’t ever really get to see the kind of focus on Erika Furudo herself, operating as more than a pawn of Bern’s, that I’ve been hoping for since she was introduced. EP6 definitely gave us more than EP5 did, but we never really get to see Erika actually acting independently except at the very end of EP6. Which is a shame, because an Erika acting under her own power and decisions would really interest me, way more than her constant scheming in lockstep with Bern does. Don’t get me wrong, she still makes a pretty fantastic villain in that capacity—but it seems like such a waste not to get more from her.

Maybe the remainder of EP8 will hit upon what I want from her, who knows. Based on her role in the story so far, I’m not really holding my breath, but it’s possible. If nothing else, the scenes she has gotten have been a lot of fun, even if they’re not what I really want from her.

Bern is a big dog.. he is not very smart. But his fur is very long and soft… he has a big black nose.. and he uses it to find Nadine when she runs away. Today she is in the nest tho. Curled up small and not saying anything.. Bern thinks she hasn’t eaten in a long time.. so he goes and gets her something.. something better than the roadkill she eats.. he wants to help her stay healthy… but she doesn’t do much when he puts it by her.. so he goes.. and he gingerly picks a flower in his mouth.. and he puts it close to her.. wags his tail just one time.. a flower for his flower.. he has her.. and he curls up beside her.. maybe she is feeling pain.. he doesn’t want her to.. he curls up so she can feel his soft fur..



… Yeah, I mean, I think the pretty clear implication is that Bern isn’t actually trying to defeat them in direct combat here at all. No doubt she’s got something up her sleeve this is all working towards, but I doubt it’s actually an attempt to stump them with her mystery. More likely she intends to get something out of making them solve it, presumably relating somehow to her plans with Ange we left off on earlier. (Maybe it’s just revealing to Ange that her parents were the murderers…? That doesn’t quite feel like it would all click together as a coherent plan, though, so it’s probably something a bit more involved I’ll find out later.)

Nadine sits in overall shorts on berns bed on day in the late summer. …..she has been struggling. med changes alot some make her too robotic and some make her more afressiveamd impulsive. it’s hard. …she’s acted up and bern wasn’t expecting it……….he wasn’t….she acts up real bad….puts his head against the wall…damn…….

…Nadine likes hildish things…..but it’s hard…because she is also very defensive………….but she likes the comfort of certain things and right now she’s lofty on a little medicine sits on the bed. …………sits in the sunshine. …quietly. cotton. ….this is her home now. …’s scary to realize it though

Mimi was a mistake too. Valentine’s baby they know it. But she’s a gift in the end even though it’s precarious and scary. Bern holds her and just likes to look at her….she’s retty. ..little white kitten who will get points..but not yet. She’s a trouble maker. Touches his nose and he wakes up a little mad and she giggles and he sighs a little. Softens. He’s gotten soft. …Mimi has had nightmares again and bern collects her up….she acts out strange… acts out angrily mostly….claws. ..screams and kicks. She’d do this alot for her uncle because she is confused and upset and lonely. Her mom tried to kill herself. She can’t understand but she’s so lonely and distressed. HArper tells bern she hasn’t been well…it’s actually a real problem and it continues to be when she comes home…when he isn’t she is clinging to him. . She’s hard to understand because she struggles to communicate…she really needs to feel secure. Wants to feel safe and gentleness. …Mimi didn’t sleep last night so bern takes her out again…plays with her toy alittle bit. …she looks at him she doesn’t want to play with the other kids. …he thinks. ..and says that’s ok you don’t have to. ..doesn’t make her tho he wishes she would……she really loves him. Holds on him some he helps her to back to bed at night and sketkes she makes him get up to show him her treasures in the night. …he helps her sleep. …falls asleep on him again. She would do that for garer. …too distressed so Harper just had to stay up with her until she felt safe. Fall asleep on his lap with the TV on. She’s small and they’re concerned about her ability to communicate…. Bern says Mimi….quiet exasperation. He’s real worried about her…wants her to trust. ..he likes her …..


I once watched a Bible teacher at a private Christian school tell her private-schooled Christian students that if Jesus were alive today, He’d most likely vote liberal.  The sad part wasn’t watching their denial or genuine horror that she would say something so radical.  The sad part was that after she had pulled out verse after verse proving that Jesus was anti-prosperity doctrine, that Jesus spat on the “teach a man to fish” thing when He gave away fish like Santa gives away presents, that Jesus believed in universal healthcare so hard He took care of it Himself, that Jesus didn’t like His bestie pulling out a concealed weapon in His own defense, that Jesus proved to be against the death penalty on multiple occasions, that Jesus preached hardcore about accepting and caring for immigrants and refugees, that Jesus went out of his way to provide for the poor and the widowed and the orphaned and the disabled, that Jesus healed a centurion’s male servant (and, according to some scholars, lover) and told His apostles that they had better get to steppin’ because the pagan centurion stole all their spots in Heaven, that Jesus loved and supported independent women of all walks of life in a society and culture that limited female independence, that Jesus’ response when people complained about taxes was “suck it up,” those kids didn’t care.  Today they write on Facebook about how a certain candidate represents Christian values because he wants to ban refugees of a certain creed, because he wants to help the wealthy increase their wealth, because he is pro death penalty and anti gun restriction, because he wants to see his definition of a traditional household that would hurt working women and LGBTQIA+ partners, because he wants to restrict access to good healthcare for those who can’t afford it, because he talks about removing social security.

And I have to say that Jesus would not vote for that candidate.  

In all honesty, if Jesus were alive for this election, He’d be running around in a “Feel the Bern” T-shirt while He healed and fed people and practiced all levels of tolerance and love because He believed in ground-level action.