Bern- Switzerland

The Old Town of Bern is picturesque like a postcard. It is both the capital of Switzerland, and a UNESCO heritage listed city. The Cobble stoned streets are lined by historic sandstone buildings. Covered arcades offer bottle shops, boutiques, restaurants and 16th century fountains. 



This custom (egg tapping in english) is widely spread in large parts of continental Europe, from Switzerland to Sweden and Germany over the Balkans to Russia. In Switzerland, it is celebrated most prominently in Bern, where people gather on the Kornhausplatz on Easter Sunday to “fight” egg vs. egg. The winner of the one on one egg tapping fights can keep the cracked egg. Tipp: The eggs of young chicken tend to be less likely to crack than the ones of older chicken… This custom is nothing new either: It was documented in 1892, but probably dates back even further


Metamorphic rock core at the heart of a mountain range surrounded by onlapping sedimentary rocks, in cross section view, before the concept of plate tectonics by more than 100 years.

pittslibraryA double foldout showing an ideal section of earth’s crust in color. William Buckland, Geologie und Mineralogie (Bern, 1838).