Women directed August US releases

August 7
The Diary of a Teenage Girl  (Marielle Heller) - LIMITED
The Falling (Carol Morley) - LIMITED

August 14
Fort Tilden (Sarah Violet-Bliss & Charles Rogers) - LIMITED +VOD
Ten Thousand Saints (Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini) - LIMITED

August 18
6 Years (Hannah Fidell) - LIMITED + VOD
Learning to Drive (Isabel Coixet) - LIMITED

August 25
The Second Mother (Anna Muylaert) - LIMITED

August 28
Zipper (Mora Stephens) - LIMITED + VOD


Writing Studio by Andrew Berman Architect

A 3.6m tall door is the entry façade. Due to the siting and geometry of the building, little else of the building is visible on approach.

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Robert Durst murder case aided by HBO documentary


Pleece have bee a'wantin ta talk ta Robert Durst about t'slayyun’ o'Los Angeles riter Susun Bermun fer 15 yeers.But a new HBO documantree series about t'New York real estate scion appeeret ta have joltid t'cold case. A sorce…

Seventh Principle of Biocentrism: Space, like time, is not an object or a thing. Space is another form of our animal understanding and does not have an independent reality. We carry space and time around with us like turtles with shells. Thus, there is no absolute self-existing matrix in which physical events occur independent of life.
—  Bob Berman, Phd and Robert Lanza, MD -  Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe.