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Charly just had an interview and she actually got to ask her questions and even Shane told her she's persistent. Two words. GOOD JOURNALISM. Renee just makes weird faces and berly gets to ask a question before they verbally trash her or interrupt her. Soon enough, Renee will only have Unfiltered. Cathy is already becoming a big part of up up down down, a channel people actually watch! She has a special segment there. And Charly getting more mic time! It's only a matter of time 😏 just watch.

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Do you know of any reviews on Dr. Jens Berli in Portland Oregon? I've found a few by mainstream news outlets but would like to know about firsthand accounts from some of his patients.

For Top Surgery? I’m not certain that Dr. Berli has performed any surgery in Portland yet. I could be wrong but I think he’s just starting to book now, a little behind schedule (July was the target date.)

I’m not aware of any accounts from post-op patients, though I have heard excellent reviews of consults with him. I have spoken with him by phone a couple of times and found him to be an excellent listener (rare in a surgeon) and very confident in his abilities. For Top Surgery, he trained with Dr. Fischer, who has been doing excellent work for over a decade now. Dr. Berli will become a very important surgeon for the trans community.

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