Top Surgery progress post

I just realized I never actually shared any pics of what my chest looks like. But I got inspired by another person who shared their pics on FB, and then got a ton of comments to the tune of “thank you for sharing because its really hard to find pictures of anyone who looks like me (see: isnt very skinny or lean) and I dont know what to expect from my surgery.”

 I’d say my body type is very average, im… pretty much exactly statistically average height and weight? so hopefully sharing this will be useful to someone out there. :’D some more info and pictures below the cut

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C'est étrange de penser qu'on peut tomber amoureux et ne plus s'aimer, que l'amour peut se transformer en haine, et que ce sont les gens qui nous ont le plus aimé qui nous ferons le plus de mal.
—  Berlie Doherty

anonymous asked:

Who are your top 10 hottest musicians

Hottest? Idk about that, but I’ll list some very lovely looking musicians (in no particular order):

1) Rick Davies - chubby and v nice

2) Rick Wright - literal puppy dog

3) Tim Finn - underrated artist, my favourite Split Enz member

4) Greg Lake - have you seen Greg? pure cinnamon roll.

5) Jim Morrison - okay, prolly the closest thing to hot that’s gonna make it onto this list. he’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye tbh.

6) Don McLean - a literal ray of sunshine (and v talented songwriter).

7) Neil Young - obviously he’s gonna be on this list. He has a very handsome face, and fabulous sideburns (sometimes).

8) Stephen Stills - another puppy. one of a few blondies I can get behind.

9) Kim Berly - or I guess Kimball Meyer. another cinnamon roll and underrated songwriter tbh.

10) Lea Salonga - not a songwriter (to my knowledge), but super talented, and one of the most beautiful people to bless this planet, she’s my role model forever.

Thanks for the ask nonnie ^_^ Idk if I answered the question to your satisfaction, but there ya go.


Happy birthday to THE MAN I adore the most.The man that stays awake at night working ,editing and writing songs for ARMYS. The man that berly gets to sleep cuss of his projects.The man that has taught us to be proud of where we were born and raised. The man who loves Daegu .THE MAN WHO IS PROUD OF BEING FROM DAEGU. The man who looks like he’s wearing 1000 bucks but it’s only 3 dollars. The man that gets his hair color every other month. The man that’s going to sue big hit if his hair falls out. The cute grumpy grandpa , the man that can’t talk back to his Jin hyung. The man that can send anyone it does matter if you’re man or woman to Hong Kong with his tongue 😏The man who I am proud to say he’s my main chick. My main bias. The Rap God The great FATHER LOUIS WILLIAMS SUGA ADAMS THE THIRD aka Agust D.


Andi Arroganti - Benzin in Berli


Anthro version of @shaniae-rising‘s Cinnamon. 

Canon proved by Shan: Sodalite asked Berly if he could take Cinnamon to view the Synergy Clan’s facilities in the Flesh-Weaver Empire; which is a very good, clean place for the Wastelands. She brought pastries for the Synergies and my chef dragons, Shurah and Nexus, really spotted the potential. They gave her a chef’s coat and apron and shown her some extra tricks to baking and cooking!

As she returned to the Clan of the Wild Path, she cherished those lessons and made twice as many delicious sweet goods!

I noticed that I didn’t make the coat right. Woops


Part 2/2 screenshots of Elsie in her room having the “talk” with mrs patmore!!