Frattini: “Gaddafi must go”
Paxman: “Where to?”
F: “We do not know, yet. I hope to some African country”
P: “Which African country?”
F: “We can’t know that”
P: “Why don’t you put him up in Italy?”
F: “This is out of question, absolutely”
P: “And why so?”
F: “We do not want a dictator”
P: “And why don’t you say that he must be brought before the International Court of Justice?”
F: “He should, no one can assure him to go unpunished”
P: “So he can’t come to Italy because otherwise you should hand him over to Court?”
F: “We would be compelled to do so, but every country would be”
P: “So why should someone else take Gaddafi in?”
F: “That’s why there are no formal proposals on this regard”
P: “But you said someone else should take him in…”
F: “Yes”
P: “But you don’t know which country you would like to take him in”
F: “I do not know, because there are no formal proposals”
P: “Why should other countries be more willing than Italy?”
F: “The Colonel attacked us, he said we were traitors, we can’t take him in any more. We are Libya’s colonial past”
P: “Why did Berlusconi say he was ‘sorry’ for Gaddafi?”
F: “He made a distinction between his crimes and the pity that every human being deserves”
P: “Sorry, I don’t understand that…”
F: “Frankly, Berlusconi gave me his full support”
P: “Regarding Libya, do you feel somehow embarrassed of your country’s past?”
F: “Yes, that’s why we signed a treaty, because we are embarrassed for the many people killed in Libya by Fascism”
P: “And the Libyans remember this…”
F: “That’s why we are looking for the Libyan people’s friendship, and strongly support the people of Benghazi, reopening our Consulate in that city”
P: “Does it help you, at international meetings, to have a Prime Minister that isn’t taken seriously?”
F: “Berlusconi won the elections, and Italians are free to choose their own government leaders”
P: “But are you aware of what his reputation is, with all his parties and everything?”
F: “Maybe people do not know him completely well…”
P: “Have you ever been to one of his parties?”
F: “Berlusconi is able to defend himself, but people do not know him”

My (somewhat shortened) transcription of Franco “messenger boy” Frattini’s - a.k.a. Italy’s Minister for Foreign Affairs - performance on BBC (interview by Jeremy Paxman, 30 March 2011)…

The full version is even worse - and his body language, revealing: flashing smiles covering absolute void.