berliner csd

XCSD Berlin Pride. Queer stays radical.

Kreuzberger Christopher Street Day.

Some pics from yesterdays radical pride parade in Berlin Kreuzberg. It’s an alternative pride march that keeps the memory of Stonewall and queer history.

It’s also about spreading radical political ideas instead of being just a big party that instrumentalizes the queer community for commercial issuses, or the once-a-year-show-off-selfies of mainstream politicians.

I am bifurious.

Pride people everywhere. The crowd on Oranienburger Straße.

Somewhere over the rainbow…

It was my first time taking part in the XCSD pride march and I’m still impressed from all the people I saw and the emotions I had.

I want to feel the same freedom and peace every day in my life.

I had an awesome time at Berlin pride with Rainbow Direction <3 So many lovely people coming together for such a wonderful occasion. I love this fandom and community we have created. We were so visible and powerful and I love each and every one of you for making this happen. shoutout to @makehimstrong for letting me post our selfie and just being a great person in general :)

A big thanks to @dieinthewinter for being the driving force behind this! You’re amazing Li!

photo credit: demiaceniall thank you for sharing your amazing pictures with us


Thanks again for this amazing weekend with those amazing and beautiful people! I had so much fun with all of you and I’ll never forget the happiness I felt during the whole weekend. I’m already missing all of you and can’t wait for a reunion! 💕

Photos by @demiaceniall, @beatingfortwo, a CSD picture site and myself :)