Last week, Okuda San Miguel aka “Okuda” teamed up with fellow artist Yoh Nagao in Berlin, Germany to create two vibrant new murals. The first is curated by international art project Urban Nation,  which can be found at their gallery location, and is Okuda’s abstract reinterpretation of the city’s symbol, “Berolina.” The Madrid based artist found inspiration in the statue that once stood in Alexanderplatz in honor of the victorious troops of the Franco-Prussian War. Originally, she wore a crown of oak leaves which Okuda has replaced with the famous Berlin Wall. This mural was followed by the duo’s second piece, “From Goya to Nagoya,” a private commission.

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Ben de Biel - Berlin, 1990-1995

Check out Ben de Biel’s fascinating photos of early 90s Berlin. His camera shoots the streets of the German capital just as this divided city became whole again.

Back in 2012, FvF interviewed Ben, a club owner and keen photographer. He took us around the Berlin streets he knows so well. You can see that video interview at Freunde von Freunden.