Beautiful Bird Mural Spans Across A Tall Building

Dutch street artist duo Collin van der Sluijs and Super-A have painted a stunning bird mural several meters high. The project, titled One Wall, was executed in collaboration with Urban Nation and can be found nestled on a wall in Tegel, Berlin. The precise and realistic artwork not only displays a bird, but a concept of nature and urban architecture in harmony.

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Photo: Naepirim - January 11, 2016 - Tegel Airport, Berlin, Germany
naepirim: 나는 저 아저씨가 누군지 모르지만 우리 크루 크리스티나가 보자마자 엄청 설레하고 부끄러워 하고 캡틴도 사진을 찍길래 나도 끼어서 찍었다 - after landing at TXL
“One of the my colleagues is a big fan of him, she was so excited and shy to ask to take a picture. He was very gentle.”

Found on Rammstein In Blood Facebook page.