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On November 9 1938 the Progrom Night led to Jews being harmed and murdered, synagogues being burned and homes and companies of Jews being broken into and being ruined and being robbed in Germany so today Germany remembers these events.

On November 9 1989 the Monday Demonstrations of East German citizens led to the Berlin wall falling down, uniting a country and a continent and 17 million East Germans were free, weren’t imprisoned anymore.

On November 9 2016 America elects a man who wants to build a wall and if you can’t imagine the reactions of Germans and former East Germans, I have serious doubts about your common knowledge and your history knowledge.

This was a nice interview.

  1. Asked if Sense8 “will go on” Max said that it’s looking good bc the show is very successful.
  2. About Berlin Syndrome he said that people would look at him differently when they came out of the movie and even when he smiled at them they’d still be suspicious or scared. He said if that’s the image he gets now he’s more than ok with it. ;)
  3. Lastly he said that Freier Fall crowdfunding will probably start next week. They hope many people will support them so they can make the movie they wanna make without any restrictions from producers.

GERMANY. November 1989. Fall of the Berlin Wall. People take pictures of the Wall (1), sometimes in their best outfit (3), chip away pieces as souvenirs (1 & 4) or cross it for the first time in their life (last picture). [Part 2]

Photograph: Bruno Barbey/Magnum Photos

A man pose with style…Tom Wlaschiha at the Porsche Fashion night…. Enjoy the pic 🤗

Confession:  When I played DAO for first time, after like 5 minutes of taking with Sten I was like “Ok, bro, I get it, you’re thedosian equivalent of Slav. Let’s get vodka and we can talk about shits our grandmas said!”. Maybe that was some kind of vibe, maybe my non-English VA… Well, more I was talking with him more surprised I was that Qunari Society was modeled on Soviet Union. Like, what kind of white Americans males make things like that?? In 3 games we see that Qunari are Big Bad Guys, and I guess it’s not so bad lens, Soviets were Bad, but what about people?

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