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15.12.16// Studying by Coffee Fellows, after my early morning yoga practice. 
Tomorrow I’ve got my Referat on Hannah Arendt and “the Origins of Totalitarism” and I’m quite nervous since the final version of the Handout and the speech are not ready. Hope I don’t have to cram for this.
I just want to be done with everything and go home for Christmas, 
*Heimweh Mood*.

List of German Shopping Streets and Districts by City

26.4.17// super busy and tiring day. I had seminars from 10 a.m and the german course in the afternoon until 8 p.m.
I had my lunch break in this nice coffee shop run by students, at Freie Universität, Sportler Café. I love the cozy atmosphere, the homemade coffee and cookies, and the comfy couch. Here I read about 30 pages of Berlin Alexanderplatz and I´m almost at the end of Döblin´s second book.    

Tofu hamburger party!!!!

Markthalle Neun
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