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20.9.17// writing in a nice coffee shop around my place. I’ve almost hit the 1000 words and it’s feeling soo good! 

15.12.16// Studying by Coffee Fellows, after my early morning yoga practice. 
Tomorrow I’ve got my Referat on Hannah Arendt and “the Origins of Totalitarism” and I’m quite nervous since the final version of the Handout and the speech are not ready. Hope I don’t have to cram for this.
I just want to be done with everything and go home for Christmas, 
*Heimweh Mood*.


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Interior “Turkish Cafe”,House Fatherland, Türk. Coffee Shop Berlin-Mitte*  -  Unknown,  1925



* House Fatherland, Potsdamer Platz / corner Königgrätzer Straße (1911/12 built by Franz Schwechten as “Cafe Piccadilly” with light theater, from 1928   restaurant and dance cafe of the Kempinski-enterprises, war destroyed, 1974 demolished).

List of German Shopping Streets and Districts by City