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Best part of the Thursday night food market: vegan donuts!! I got the chocolate glazed peanut butter (right) and my friend got the lavender blueberry (left)

Brammibal’s Vegan Donuts
Markthalle Neun
Berlin - Germany - Europe

ID #59499

Name: Gwenn
Age: 22
Country: France

Hi, I’m Gwenn, I’m an art student from France currently contemplating life and its possibilities in a one year “far far away from school, please”.
Right now, I’m in my third month stay in Berlin. I took this year after my bachelor degree to live some wild experiences, to meet people, and to get independence in my work and my mind. I thought it would be interesting to have a penpal since it’s a pretty unique way to learn and share from others.
A list of my interests :
- Arts (from contemporary art, Comic books to drawing characters in a napkin because you’re bored)
- Horror’s stuff related (my péché mignon sorry)
- Staying long time in coffee shop rambling about anything (if you know what I’m talking about!)
- Ginger in my coffee …

So, to my future penpal, nice to meet you !!

Preferences: I don’t care about gender and age but if you’re a creative person, it would be really cool since I’m eager to hear about what you do and sharing stories and advices .

If you respect the fact I’m not a fluent english speaker and I can do mistake, you’re perfect !


3.2.17// nice stay in this cozy coffee shop. I had a mint-ginger Tea with a friend, we went to a vintage second-hand market and then we had a nice talk by Shakespeare and co.  Then I stayed for some time reading from Rainald Goetz´s  roman Irre for my Monday seminar.
I love the Shakespeare and co. aesthetic and I love even more their book collection (practically the largest English book collection in the city after Dussmann).
I found there a novel by Susan Sontag I was looking for for a while and unfortunately, I couldn´t find the short-stories collection by Lucia Berlin. Apparently, it must have been stolen. Whoever did it was kind of smart guy with good tastes in literature.

Shakespeare and Sons Bookshop,
Warschauer Str. 74,
10243,  Berlin


Christmas decorations in Arcaden shopping center, Berlin