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Hi, I'm travelling to Berlin soon for 4 days and was wondering if you had any ideas for interesting locations to visit and explore. I've seen the main tourist attractions and am looking for lesser known locations. Thanks!

Dear Anon, I see your problem but I don´t know exactly what you saw in Berlin, so I´ll give you a list of some fancy places and tours I would do myself:

  • BIKE TOURS: In sunny days you could rent a bike to go around the city. I had a good experience with “Lila Bike” in the Schönhauser Allee and a very bad one with a Bike stand near the Brandenburger Tor. In the center, you pay 12 Euros per Day and by Lila 8-10 so I definitely recommend it.
    Nice bike tours are to Wannsee, the big lake in South West Berlin (you can just take a look at the recommended stages and trust google maps if you don´t want to book a tour.) or the tour to Potsdam.  
  • CHILLING IN THE PARK: Berlin has beautiful parks.
    The biggest is the Tiergarten and you might have already been there. Very nice but quite touristic is the Teahouse at English Garden, so I rather go to the Cafe am Neuen See (I don´t know if you can German but you can see the nice pics). You can bring a blanket and some food and picnic. In the Wes it can be a bit crowded so better during the week.
    If you haven´t done it already, you can visit the Zoo, where you can feed the Gorillas and Monkeys or see hippos or penguins shows ( here you can see the times).
    Other nice parks are the Volkspark in Friedrichshain, where you visit the Märchenbrunnen, a big fountain representing Brothers Grimm´s Fairy Tales, and Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg. Görli is also the right place if you fancy playing ball or smoke weed.    
  • BEACHES: If you go to Warschauer St. along the river, you find some little beaches and Coffee Shops where you can sunbathe. Just start from the Oberbaumbrücke and follow the river or take a look at the beautiful Graffiti of the East Side Gallery, the biggest intact rests of the Berlin Wall.
  • CULTURE: Have you already been to the Jüdisches Museum / Jewish Museum? It´s a sublime experience and gift of the architect  Daniel Liebeskind (the one who build Ground Zero in NY). It´s not just a Jewish collection telling the story of the holocaust, and if you haven´t seen it yet you´re missing something huge.
    A nice place to get to know a piece of berlin history is the Brechthaus / Brecht House. Here you get a guided tour and you can also take a little excursion to the Cemetery in the Dorotheestraße. and visit Brecht and his wife Helene Weigel, and the philosophers Hegel, Fichte and Herbert Marcuse.
    If you like contemporary art you might like the Hamburger Bahnhof and see some Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Joseph Beuys…  
    I suppose you already saw the museums in the Museums Island but if not you can´t miss the Nefertiti´s Head and the beautiful Egyptian collection at Neues Museum and the monumental Ishtar Door and Pergamon Altar at Pergamon Museum. 
  • FANCY PLACES AND TOURS: At Berliner Unterwelten e.V.  you can visit the underground Berlin, the old II WW bunkers and subway stations, including Hitler´s bunker.
    Or if you want to take a look at some old soviet architecture from the DDR time (German Democratic Republic) walk along the Karl Marx Allee and have a cozy coffee (or brunch) pause at Cafe Sybille. Here you´ll find a little photo exhibition on the story of East Berlin monumental Street.
  • FOR A SUNDAY BRUNCH: Cafe Morgenrot (Prenzlauer Berg), Cafe Morgenland (Kreuzberg), Que Pasa (Kreuzberg).
  • FOR A DANCING EVENING: Clärchen Ballhaus (Mitte), Cassiopeia (Kreuzberg).
  • FOR A FANCY COFFEE + BOOK EXPERIENCE: Shakespeare&sons - ENG Bookshop (Friedrichshain), Literaturhaus in der Fasanenst. - GERMAN Bookshop (but lovely Garden!) (Charlottenburg/ Wilmensdorf), St George´s Bookshop - ENG -( Prenzlauer Berg).  

    These are my inside tips for now. I´m not a Berlinerin but I´m still working on it. Hope it helped :)   

 A Weekend in Berlin - March 2017//
I had a lovely weekend with my sister @skaterookie and some friends.
Here are some shots of our yesterday tour around Berlin. I love to be tourist in my own city, I always have the impression I don’t know it much.
We had a bike tour in Kreuzberg, at Görlizer Park. It was warm and sunny, we picnicked,  we lied on the grass and relaxed. We came back in time to visit the Reichstag / Bundestag in the evening and we could admire the beautiful sundown from the panoramic dome. We had an amazing time! 


the summer days that are ahead by Rona Keller
Via Flickr:
Daniel on his birthday when we visited the Tempelhofer Feld for the first time after a month of living in Berlin film, early May 2015