berlin du bist so wunderbar

1.6.17// Studying outside on a beautiful sunny day, out of the HU.
Berlin is incredible in this season, most beautiful than ever. Clear sky, warm temperature but never too hot, maybe just too windy, sometimes. Parks and Gardens are flourishing, people are coming outside, chatting and lying on the grass at every green corner.

I finished Sophocles´ Antigone and read some new material in German about the Greek tragedy and Euripides´ Bacchae. I could talk for hours about the topic… but in Italian. I need to prepare a discourse for my next presentation and I need to fix some common issues between the two tragedies. 
I´m going to work on it the whole weekend bc on Monday I´m meeting my colleague to discuss the main points. We are working together at the Referat and we need to figure something out.