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RICHARD ARMITAGE in BERLIN STATION (2016) 05 110 Oratorio Berlin

My name is Thomas Shaw, and this is my final message. From the start, I have tried to make the Central Intelligence Agency accountable for its actions. I have not always succeeded, but I have tried. And along the way, I have ruined the lives of real people. Now, I need to be accountable for my own actions. The CIA’s hunt for Thomas Shaw through what it calls an “eyewash” has resulted in too many deaths, too much destruction. To what end? They still don’t know who I am. And they will never know. All that’s left of their deceit are broken bodies and broken lives. It would be irresponsible to continue on my path. It would make me no better than they are. And so, goodbye. Some will ask who Thomas Shaw was. A man, a woman, a collective? In Berlin, people on the streets say, I AM SHAW. Men, women, children. The fact is, we’re all complicit. We all know something is wrong. We’ve known it for a long time. But we do nothing. Exposing wrongs is not the same as righting them. Governments are not moved by shame. Actually changing things with your own hands; that’s the hard part. If Thomas Shaw represents change, then show me the change, and I’ll say that I was him. Until then, we could be anybody.

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Fashion, music, and collaboration… aren’t they fantastic? Courant creative director Franck Lada never thought his mind would merge to create a brand so unique in a space that is now very saturated thanks to the ease of creating online shops in the digital era.

Mostly because of his sensitive creative process often played out in his mysterious basement flat/office/music studio and vintage showroom; eventually leading to a random commission with underground artist Ben Montero.

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HUNGER GAMES: Mockingjay Part 2 premiére

actress Jennifer Lawrence

(1) Dior couture - London
(2) Ralph Lauren Collection - Madrid
(3) Dior couture - Paris
(4) Dior couture - Paris
(5) Mugler - Madrid
(6) Dior couture - Berlin
(7) Dior couture - Beijing
(8) Dior - Los Angeles
(9) Schiaparelli couture - New York

Formal court wear for Peter I 1720-1730 while he was in Berlin. In the collection of the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, which has this to say about it.

Peter’s formal wear, Berlin, 1720-30, Kaftan: cloth, baiberek (silk brocade), gilded thread, wood. L 116; justacorps: linen, taffeta, gilded thread, wood. L 96; trousers: cloth, satin, baiberek, gilded thread, wood. L 76 cm. © State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg


Museum Collection: Pergamonmuseum, Berlin, Germany
Class: Relief sculpture
Material: Marble
Context: Frieze from Great Altar of Zeus at Pergamon
Style: Hellenistic
Date: C2nd BC
Period: Hellenistic