berlin 2002


This is the most painfully intense performance of “Heathen” David Bowie has ever done.

David knew exactly what he was doing. He didn’t just write music, he adapted a character for each song as well; characters he would use on stage to perform his songs. And of course, a sad song as Heathen would require a sad persona to sing it, and I think this is exactly what we see him do so beautifully here. 

David Bowie was a brilliant man who was very good at what he did.


Aren’t they adorable? I always loved this brief moment on the Trilogy Concert DVD (I attended the original show in 2002, by the way), where The Cure frontman Robert Smith and longtime colleague Simon Gallup share a fleeting smile during the intro to “Pictures of You”.

There’s so much genuine friendship, joyful musicianship and lifelong camaraderie compressed in these few frames.

I love those guys!


Berlin, Germany 

Shopping At Dussmann (11/19/02)