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Alright, Folks, It’s Shitting On Reagan Time

Now, I hate Reagan, and lots of y’all probably hear lots of reasons to hate him, but I want to talk about a reason I haven’t seen talked about, much. See, President Reagan was shit, but lets rewind a bit and talk about Governor Reagan and Bloody Thursday.

The date is 1969 and Reagan has been Governor of California for two years, now. Berkeley has bought up a bunch of residential land using eminent domain and started to bulldoze the area to make a athletics center and student housing, but they run out of funds and stop part way through. This happened during Winter Break when students wouldn’t be around to protest it, but now it’s just sitting there, half torn down, and no one is doing shit about it. Some local businesses, some residents, and some students get together and decide to turn it into a park. The University doesn’t approve, but they go through with it anyway. Despite never having approved of it, the University’s administration decide not to fight it and let the students and residents turn it into a park called People’s Park.

But Governor Reagan had run, in part, on the idea that this sort of shit would not fly. He orders in the police on May 15th 1969, a Thursday. They destroyed the progress that had been made on turning the space into a park, kicked people out, and put a fence around it. The students and residents held a rally outside the park about something unrelated. When one of the people yelled, “Let’s take the park!” the sound system got cut by the police and the people at the rally started to march toward the park chanting.

The police fought back with shotguns and tear gas. The shotguns were loaded both with the less lethal birdshot and the more lethal buckshot, though police originally claimed only birdshot was used. One person was shot and killed with buckshot. Police claimed they had thrown a steel bar at the police, but he was likely a bystander. Another was permanently blinded by birdshot. Forty five students and five police were injured.

Reagan responded to this by defending the actions of the police, calling a state of emergency, and sending in the National Guard. Any demonstrations for the next two weeks got broken up by tear gas shot by the National Guard. Reagan described the confrontations between protesters and police as being like a war. Curfew was established. Berkeley city police literally put on scary costumes and attacked people who came close to the park.

In the end, the University voted to keep the park, but Reagan still has blood on his hands for his actions surrounding Bloody Thursday.

2014 - Hundreds of UC Berkeley students and Berkeley residents began a peaceful march from Sproul Plaza to the Berkeley Marina to protest the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and countless other brown and black youth at the hands of police when they were attacked by riot police.  [video]

France Tv newscasts: “Missouri, Berkeley, USA: A young black men slaughtered by the police”

Here’s what the version that we had in France:
a police officer approach close to 2 guys and one girl (fiancee of one of the guys) thinking that they were burglars he ask them to lie down on the floor, one of the 2 guys refused the police man shoot.

Definitely a different version that the one of NY times “officer in Missouri shot, killed man who pulled a gun”.


Protesters clash with police for second night after Missouri shooting

Berkeley, Mo., did not have a quiet Christmas Eve.

Protests flared into early Thursday in the St. Louis suburb where a white policeman fatally shot black man Antonia Martin after he allegedly brandished a gun at a gas station in on Tuesday night, just miles from the spot in Ferguson where black teen Michael Brown was killed in August.

Reuters reports a group of protesters marched onto Interstate 170 in the city of Berkeley, Missouri, around 7 p.m. on Wednesday, blocking traffic for roughly 45 minutes. The demonstration followed a vigil at the Mobil On The Run gas station where the shooting occurred.

WOW! fascinating. Look at the timing of this shit. And this is as there is a new story weekly about officers nationwide being outed as KKK members. America has completely returned to the old days. This is war. This is genocide. Please Re-post! RIP Antonio Martin killed in Berkeley, MI tonight. 

The police officer who shot and killed a man on Tuesday in Berkeley, Missouri, was given a body camera but it was not activated at the time of the shooting, officials said today.

The shooting sparked new unrest in a region already reeling following an August police shooting a few miles away in Ferguson. About 200 to 300 protesters gathered at the gas station where Tuesday night’s shooting happened.

When asked whether he was concerned that the officer’s body cam was not activated, Berkeley Mayor Theodore Hoskins said he was “not concerned.”

The shooting happened at 11:15 p.m. Tuesday at a Mobil gas station, St. Louis County Chief of Police Jon Belmar said in a separate, earlier news conference this morning.

Belmar said police visited the gas station when a report of a larceny came in. The victim, who is 18 years old, pointed a gun at the officer, sparking the deadly shooting, Belmar said.

All I want for Christmas is the media and broader public to stop acting like all these protests are just because of two or three isolated incidents of black people being killed and people not being indicted for it and not decades of rage overflowing after thousands of black men, women, and children being killed and/or maimed by agents of a racist system which rarely gives justice to such victims while using any excuse possible to jail and further prosecute black people.

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Berkeley Police Officer points gun and threatens to use the weapon if the recorder doesn’t back up. Tempers flaring - not the protesters - the police.

Occupy Berkeley Police point weapons and use force (by occupynewsandmedia)


RAW: Police release new video of 18-year-old fatally shot near Ferguson

JUSTICE DENIED: BREAKING: Officer's Name In Berkeley, Missouri Shooting of Antonio Martin Won't Be Released, Unnamed Officer Not Likely To Be Charged

Buzzfeed News: The City of Berkeley, Missouri concluded its investigation into the Dec. 24 police shooting of Antonio Martin at a local gas station, and Mayor Ted Hoskins said at a news conference Tuesday that officials have no plans to release the name of the officer involved.

Speaking to the media for the first time in several days, Hoskins and Berkeley Police Chief Frank McCall laid out the timeline of what they believe happened that night based on several witness’s accounts.

According to the officials, at 11 p.m. on Dec. 23, police received a report of a shoplifting incident at the gas station. According to the call, the suspect fit the description of 18-year-old Martin.

By 11:15 p.m. the officer arrived at the scene. One minute later, shots were fired. Chief McCall said that the officer initially retreated after Martin pulled a gun on him, then the officer fired three shots.

The person with Martin, who can be seen on video running away after the shots, confirmed that Martin pulled his gun first, McCall said.

Other witnesses confirmed the sequence of events seen in the surveillance video.

By 11:24 p.m., paramedics were at the gas station and began treatment on Martin. They pronounced him dead four minutes later at 11:28.

Officials had no information on the reported theft. Hoskins referred questions of Martin’s involvement in the alleged robbery to St. Louis County police.

A St. Louis County Police spokesperson told BuzzFeed News, “the entire incident is under investigation. We don’t have any updates to release.”

During the news conference, Hoskins repeatedly asked the media to respect the privacy of the officer involved. He confirmed that the officer would remain on paid administrative leave at this time.

“He needs professional help,” Hoskins said.