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college with nathan

ok bare with me bUT

  • him always falling asleep in class bc early practice and you having the unfortunate job of waking him up bc cute baby sleeping 
  • helping him catch up after he missed a few classes bc swim meets
  • sharing a textbook so u both can go halfsies and not kill ur wallets
  • late night study sessions @ his place
  • sleeping over and missing ur 8am 
  • spending so much time at his that u begin to always smell so much like chlorine people ask if u’ve joined the team
  • making sure he has enough time to grab both of u coffee before class
  • buying u a cal swim shirt u can wear at his meets 
  • more falling asleep this time at the library where the librarian comes and yells at him every 4 seconds
  • being bored saturday night so u go on omegle and mess with people all night long
  • sex on a twin bed and him being too huge to fit on the mattress
  • him convincing u to come to an away meet to support him
  • just sitting under a big tree while the sun’s out and reading together
  • getting stressed about how much u have on ur plate, but he rubs your back and suddenly everything’s ok.
  • giving u a huge smile and wave when he’s on the block so everyone knows he’s urs
  • deciding to build a fort and put a mattress inside and stay there all weekend
  • staying up till 4am talking about nothing and everything 
    • when he says shit bc he realizes he has to be up in an hour for practice

What happens when you put a hummingbird in a wind tunnel and hook up a high speed camera? This.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, from berkeleyByte!

On Tuesday, CS professor Dan Klein dressed up as Pacman! Quite fitting, as he teaches CS 188, the Artificial Intelligence class here at Cal in which students work on Pacman projects throughout the semester.  Hollaat profs who dress up!

Photo Courtesy of Jiann Mok CS professor Dan Klein dressed up as Pacman for his Tuesday CS 188 lecture.