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I actually know a guy that delivers pizza for a living and he owns a small house. His secret? He's very frugal. It's hard as shit, but not impossible (In reference to that Berine Sanders tweet).

Of course it’s not impossible. People have been doing it for years. But Bernie Sanders and his lackeys seem convinced that you are entitled to another person’s labor and income no matter what logic says.

Erê derdê wî jî heye û gelek pire, dılêwî kulle berine le kesek pê nizane…

Evet onun da derdi var ve çok fazla, kalbi delik yaralı ama kimse halinden anlamaz…

Black Mirror is a fantastic TV show because, yes, much of what we see is, outwardly, a sick, sci-fi dystopia. (“Hey, it’s too weird and abstract from us! We’re safe! We’re distanced!”) But, then, after a while, you accept it’s not THAT much a surprise, after all. It never was. There’s no distance anymore.

The political rise of cartoon characters like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson says it all.

And the less said about David Cameron and that pig the better.