Outsiders and the Internet: Candidates like Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders Continue to Utilize the Internet to Prevent Being Marginalized by the Media

By: Justin Ackerman

Predicting who might win an election is difficult, but certain metrics make it a lot easier than most would believe. One of the more important of those metrics, is name recognition. How many people know a candidate’s name, or better yet, how many people can put a face with that name. From local elections, to state elections, to even most federal elections the candidate with the most name recognition will win basically every single time. This makes a lot of sense, you have to know who somebody is to vote for them obviously, but unfortunately many candidates bank on voters knowing who they are and little else. Incumbent candidates have a lot of inherent advantages but name recognition and apathy are two of the biggest. Which is why the treatment given to outsider candidates by the mainstream media is not only incredibly disheartening, but also incredibly dangerous. Today the media rarely gives Bernie Sanders the air time he deserves. What is even more alarming though is how far corporate media sometimes goes to outright avoid speaking his name. This same type of media blackout has happened to outsider candidates in the past, but fortunately for Bernie Sanders the internet has pushed back harder than they ever have before.

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a time for inner warmth

Being so tired reminded me of school and all the mornings when I was dreading the end of just two more minutes of sleep, promising myself that I would go to bed earlier that night. I curled up to you one last time this morning and already knew I couldn’t wait for the moment I would be back in the evening. But as I was leaving the house in my warmest sweater and the morning summer sun met my skin, I realized that, for whatever reason, sometimes small things like these make leaving your safe and warm comfort zone worth it.

Education, the pillar of society!  In my opinion, the U.S. is on a trajectory of decline as education has become for the rich.  It is now powered by an influx of immigrants from India, China, Canada, etc…  Hopefully by the next generation of educated immigrants they will turn the tides over and place value on healthcare and education!
Bernie Sanders backs big bank breakups, in contrast with Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders is backing a bill to break up big banks after advisers to presidential rival Hillary Clinton made clear earlier this week she will not support reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act. Noting that he’s long supported reimposing a firewall between investment and commercial banks, the Vermont senator said he’s officially rejoining...
By Burgess Everett