A White Rose fanfiction for White Rose Week

Day 1: Protection

It was an easy mission: head to a town being swamped by grimm and take them out. Problem was, they weren’t expecting there to be so many. “What are creeps doing here?” Yang asked, “I thought we were supposed to be taking out a pack of beowolves―not that I’m complaining.” she added before sending one flying with an explosive uppercut. “They were likely attracted by the fear of the villagers” Blake said as she avoided two beowolves using her semblance before slicing them in half. “Meaning the sooner we take them down the better.” Weiss added taking up a stance before charging a creep, piercing its chest.

“Has anyone seen Ruby?” Weiss barely got out before their leader came flying in, slowing herself by cutting into the ground with her scythe. “We’ve got a problem guys!” Ruby exclaimed, “There’s a beringa, no that’s not it. Beringela, no wait I think that’s a type of fruit. Berin-ahh just forget it, it’s a gorilla grimm!” She said, giving up as the creature came thrashing its way out of the forest. “Beringel!” Weiss said, spotting the beast. “Yeah, beringama… what she said” said Ruby.

Blake sighed to herself regrouping with her team, “Great, because if there’s something we needed it was more grimm.” “Yang. Blake. Keep it away from the town while Weiss and I take care of the remaining beowolves.” “Good, because I just ran out of things to punch.” Yang said having just slain the last creep. Blake and Yang then began shooting the large grimm drawing it into a nearby field. Meanwhile Weiss and Ruby swept through the dwindling pack of beowolves.

“You seem fatigued.” Weiss told Ruby. “Yeah, that beringo packs a punch.” She replied. “It’s beri―nevermind, we should help the others.” Yang rushed the beringela hitting it a few times to no avail only to be sent flying back by a punch of its own. Blake tossed Yang her the end of her whip as the two girls worked together and swung Yang back around landing a solid blow on the side of the creature’s face.

Ruby and Weiss move to join their teammates. “How are we doing?” their leader asked as her sister came crashing by. “I think that answers your question.” Blake said, helping her partner up adding “Nothing we throw at it seems to be getting through.” “We just need to hit it harder.” Yang said with a fire in her eyes. “Wait, I have an idea. Yang you charge it and when it gets ready to swing Weiss will freeze its arm. Then Blake and I will charge and disarm him, literally.” “That’s actually a good plan.” Weiss said. “Hey, what do you mean ‘actually’?” Ruby pouted, crossing her arms and turning her head the other way. “Hey it was a compliment.” Weiss responded. “Uhh guys.” Blake said, notifying the other girls of the charging grimm. “Ok! Let’s do this!” Ruby exclaimed as the team put her plan into action.

Yang rushed forward striking the beast in the chest a few times before flipping back to avoid the fierce punches. “Now!” Ruby exclaimed as Weiss charged forth freezing its arm and catching the creature off guard. Blake and Ruby followed through coming close to cutting completely through its arm. “Not quite!” said Weiss. “I got it! Grrraah!” Yang yelled, landing an explosive blow strong enough to sever the beast’s left arm. “Rrraahhh!!” the beast wailed as it bashed at the ground, throwing the girls off balance. Yang and Blake backed off with the grimm then turning it’s attention to Weiss. “Weiss!” Ruby exclaimed as the beast charged. Weiss quickly dashed backwards but stumbled over a root. “Nngh!”she said bracing for the monster’s punch, still in the air.

The snow haired heiress, shocked by the lack of a hit, opened her eyes to see the air filled with rose petals―and blood. Shock quickly turned to horror as she hurried to her partner’s side. Blake quickly distracted the beast from the two, peppering its face with bullets. “R-Ruby?” Weiss quivered in a low, worried tone. She turned the girl over into her arms, checking to see if she was alright, she was not.

“RUBY!!!” Yang screamed, burning with fury. She ran towards the large grimm as it turned to face her. Their fists collided with such force it sent them both back. The three remaining teammates regrouped. “Is she ok?” Yang asked. “I don’t know. There’s a lot of blood and she’s unconscious.” Weiss replied, “We need to get her out of here.” “We’ll have to take care of the grimm first.” Said Blake. “Just give me an opening.” Yang said in an enraged tone. Weiss laid their injured leader on the ground, “I’ll go for it’s legs.” “In that case I’ll hold its arm back. Let’s go!” Blake exclaimed as the three rushed the beringel.

Weiss charged forward freezing its legs then backing off dodging its attack. Blake wrapped her whip around the remaining arm, then swung around a tree for leverage in holding it back. “Yang, now! I won’t be able to hold it for long!” Yang clashed with the creature unleashing a barrage of attacks at its center. “AHHH!!!” Yang yelled as she continued her attacks. The force broke the ice as the two went flying into the forest. Yang stopped as she ran out of ammo and jumped off the beast as it came crashing to a halt colliding with a large tree. “It’s over.” Yang said panting from exhaustion.

“Ruby!” she said as all three rushed towards her. “Blake, go see if this town has a doctor or at least somewhere we can take her” Weiss said not wanting to leave her injured partners side. “Right.” Blake said before running off into the village. “Ruby, can you hear me? Are you ok?” Yang asked as her sister began to come to.

“Nngghh. Yang? Weiss? What happened.” Ruby asked before remembering what took place, “Wait, Weiss! Are you ok?” “Yes, thanks to you.” Weiss said, wiping away a tear. “I wanted to be the one to save you for a change.” Ruby said with a weak voice. “You dolt.” Weiss said with a smile. “I’m so glad you’re ok!” Yang said with a gentle hug. “Wait, did you guys kill the beringel?” Ruby asked. “Of course.” Yang said, “You think we’d let it get away with hurting you?” “Hey, you actually got it right that time.” Weiss said. “What do you mean actually.” Ruby responded in a playful tone. The three shared a laugh. Their remaining teammate arrived. “I found a doctor guys.” Blake said as she returned, “Follow me.”

“Let’s get you patched up.” Weiss said, gently lifting Ruby into her arms. The two smiled as the team made their way back into town.

“It seemed like a blunder of etiquette to have Nicaise at the high table, considering the sensibilities of the Patrans. But Nicaise was dressed respectably and wore very little paint. The only flash of pet gaudiness was a long earring in his left ear; twin sapphires dangled, almost brushing his shoulder, too heavy for his young face.”

My contribution for capriweek day one, “Sapphires”. I took a few liberties with the design of the earring~

getthecoolshoeshine19-2000  asked:

I actually know a guy that delivers pizza for a living and he owns a small house. His secret? He's very frugal. It's hard as shit, but not impossible (In reference to that Berine Sanders tweet).

Of course it’s not impossible. People have been doing it for years. But Bernie Sanders and his lackeys seem convinced that you are entitled to another person’s labor and income no matter what logic says.

Black Mirror is a fantastic TV show because, yes, much of what we see is, outwardly, a sick, sci-fi dystopia. (“Hey, it’s too weird and abstract from us! We’re safe! We’re distanced!”) But, then, after a while, you accept it’s not THAT much a surprise, after all. It never was. There’s no distance anymore.

The political rise of cartoon characters like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson says it all.

And the less said about David Cameron and that pig the better.