recorded a nice chill ambient mix to calm my anxiety and stuff


hybrid- this is what it means
synkro- above the clouds
stellardrone- a moment of stillness
extreme environments- location 1
oh yoko - seashore
spooky black-without you
oh yoko- seashore (remix)
mayfield- PL1
oni ayhun - OAR003B
mayfield- PL2
stellardrone- lights in the sky
Gacha Bakradze - Waterfall (feat. Natalie Beridze)
synkro- harbour

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Apollon Kutateladze Art Academy, Tbilisi

“The Apollon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts is located in one of the city’s most significant historic buildings on Griboyedovi Street (formerly Komandant Street)–an eclectic complex combining elements of Baroque, Classical, and Persian revival. It was built on the site of a mid-19th century church designed by Grigol Ivanov. In the early 20th century, a shareholder in the block of buildings named Nino Qobulashvili commissioned architect Simon Kldiashvili to design a reconstruction. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the building, is its interior–art historian Vakhtang Beridze attributes the lavish interior designs to Iranian master artists and craftsmen working in Tbilisi. The chambers are abundantly adorned with an entire repertoire of Persian motifs and architectural elements: medallions, calligraphy , stucco ornaments, muqarnas, musharabi stained glass, niches, and murals based on the traditions of Persian miniatures.”