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Was reading your answer on Beric/Jeyne - how do you think his betrothal with Allyria came about? I do find it interesting that a Stormlands lord was betrothed to the daughter of a house so close to Rhaegar. Also - do we know for sure on which side the Dondarrions fought during the Rebellion? I would assume Robert's, given they don't seem to have been downgraded the way the Conningtons have been.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

It is a difficult question, and not one which I think can be satisfyingly answered with the extremely limited information the books present. Was Beric interested in Allyria as a dynastic prize (as the only known, and alive, main-line Daynes are young Edric and his aunt, it’s not improbable that Allyria is Lord Edric’s heiress, or at least high in Dayne succession)? Was their betrothal part of a pattern of Dornish-marcher marriages that may have been encouraged since the reign of Daeron II, in an attempt to unite the realm as a single people? Somewhat relatedly, did Jon Arryn quietly encourage pro-Rebellion lords (as I think the Dondarrions were, explained below) to marry scions of pro-Targaryen families, both as symbols of the reunification of the realm and as insurance against those families backing a Targaryen or other rival pretender during Robert’s reign? Any part of any of these, or another reason entirely, could be behind Beric and Allyria’s betrothal.

As for the Dondarrions, yes, I do think they fought for Robert in Robert’s Rebellion. There were stormlords who chose the Targaryen side in that conflict, but they were specifically noted as such, and particularly in the case of Jon Connington, had personal reasons for choosing the dragon. The Dondarrions, for as little as we can tell, had no reason to favor the Targaryens over their liege lord, and indeed historical reason not to, given the long antagonism between Dornishmen and marcher lords (with the Martells, and thereby Dorne, pointedly on the side of the Targaryens and their Martell crown princess).

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