Check out my latest Lorraine Show. I do my 1st HAUL with the stuffs I bought at Bergen Street Comics.


ATTN: New Yorkers.

I’m celebrating the release of The End of the Fucking World with the folks at Bergen St Comics. I’ll have original pages from the book for sale on the walls. They will be up until October so you can still check them out even if you can’t make the signing. I’ll also have copies of my new comic, Teen Creeps on hand. Hope to see you there.


Save the Date: Angie Bongiolatti - Book Release Party Friday March 28th‏

Bergen Street Comics - Secret Acres Books - Mike Dawson

ANGIE BONGIOLATTI - Book Release Party

Friday March 28th
Bergen Street Comics
470 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11217
(718) 230-5600


Angie Bongiolatti is a 20-something political activist with the International Socialist Organization. Her day-job is at Global Learning Systems, an internet company looking to develop online college courses. The year is 2002, and a large public protest against the World Economic Forum holding it’s conference in New York City is about to take place. The terrorist attacks of September 11th are only a few months in the past.

This is the story of Angie and a disparate group of her friends and acquaintances, all linked through our eponymous heroine. People from Angie’s past and present are brought out to the rally, each for reasons of their own. Some have a genuine enthusiasm for social activism, others have ulterior motives. Throughout the story each character has their political outlooks questioned and challenged.

Hope to see some folks there!


The SFW version of First of May by Jonathan Coulton. Played on May 1 2013 at Bergen Street Comics. It was adjusted due to children being at the event. We all sang along and it was pretty great. (Video by Greg Pak)


Yesterday, I:
- had cherry pie and homemade lime soda for lunch
- made my photobooth pilgrimage
- did some damage at Bergen St Comics (but not nearly as much as I could have)
- picked up a record at Bleeker St which will hopefully inspire me to fix my dang player
- visited my favourite tea parlor for my favourite tea (and managed 2 straight days of cheese-and-pickle sandwiches)
- took 3 showers in 2 apartments to deal with the gross NY-in-the-summer feelings
- went out on the town with the best folks in the city
- saw neil-gaiman at Carnegie Hall!

Today, I:
- am 29
- slept extra late in editorprin’s bed, snuggled up next to her A/C unit
- have received birthday texts from both parents signed “Love, Mom and Dad”
- have been presented with the perfect royal birthday breakfast
- am very, very lucky

Happy 2nd anniversary to Tom, Amy, Tucker & everyone else at Brooklyn’s own Bergen Street Comics!

There’s a reason that this shop warms the cockles of the hearts of little otter puppets and little stuffed bulls, like my pal here, alike - it’s welcoming to EVERYBODY.

Tweens & kids, the indy art crowd, the die hard capes & tights crew - with Bergen Street Comics, they’ve got a place to visit where they all belong.

Oh, and the fact that the comics, manga & graphic novels at Bergen Street Comics are intelligently organized and well selected does not hurt either.

Congrats, guys!