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Branch says his provisions would last him ten years but the rest of the village two weeks. Ten years is about 3650 days. Divide that by the number of days in two weeks (14) gives you a rough estimate of how many trolls are in the village aside from poppy, branch, and the snack pack-261 trolls. So the total number of trolls in troll village is like 270 or so.

First Kisses (Trolls Fanfic)

This is the second part of “Mat” for that one ask I got and I couldn’t find. Someone requested a continuation and I thought that yes, indeed it would be nice. 


Summary: It’s raining and Bergen Town sure can get muddy. Poppy remembers her first kiss. This time the electricity doesn’t have anything to do with the static.

“Paved paths!” Branch said, shoving the door open and entering the pod. “Paved pads are a priority starting tomorrow morning,” he declared.

Poppy, who was two steps behind, giggled at his annoyance, her feet muddy and her clothes drenched, pink hair dripping wet. She stepped inside and closed the door, but stayed right there, a puddle forming on the floor.

“Oh, no! The king is pissed,” she teased raising her voice so he could hear her when he disappeared inside their bedroom. “His rage won’t fade until he wins the war against mud with his paved paths”

She suppressed the impulse to wring her hair and instead waited patiently for her husband to come back. She was usually tidy herself, but Branch was even more so, and she knew he hated the mess two muddy trolls would make if she wandered around the house too.

“Laugh all you want, but someday someone is gonna slip and break their neck,” he said, finally crossing the door from their room and bringing a towel for her, his own around his neck. “And that’s why tomorrow we’re talking to Grizzle so we can pave all these muddy roads.”

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Dreamworks’ Trolls is legitimately one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen but nothing could have prepared me for the scene where Poppy and Branch arrive in Bergen Town and all the Bergens are singing “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillaz. Like, I’m not entirely positive that witnessing this sequence didn’t catapult me into a different, darker timeline. 

disclaimer this pic belongs to @honeybumzz don’t worry she gave me permission to reupload it and bumzz THANK YOU FOR FINDING THIS casue it provides so much lore hinting

first  off let take a good look at creek for a sec

his hair is a mess

he looks some what grey

…..his FACE oh god it just hurts me I cant belive I’m feeling sorry for this dude now doesn’t he look familier?…..need a hint he looks like branch

grumpy, depressed,…….alone

and another thing? HIS GLITTER FRECKLES ARE NOT THERE with branch since his colour drained he lost his glitter freckles to and during true colours they came back

so here’s my theory…..what if this takes place…AFTER he rolls out of the castle with chef?….I mean like we all say in “get back up again” poppy escaped easily from the same monster so creek clearly did the same….but he had no were to go…..he cant go to Bergen town or the tree so he goes back to the villige……and he’s all alone… friends, no family no nothing and he picks up the cow bell…….with mixed thoughts…….

sadness, anger, loneliness, numb,………………………………..guilt

he sold them out… he has nothing

Slumber Party (Trolls Fanfic)

FINALLY! It’s done. It took me days to finish this and it’s not even that long. But it’s here, at last. 


Summary: Branch tells Poppy he wants to throw a party. She loses it.

Warning: In this fic everyone is a shipper, I complete my Eskimo kisses head-canon, and also, there’s a reference from this Troll 2 Troll.

Poppy was a dutiful queen. Now that they were living in Bergen Town, new rules had to be made, and each and every single one of her decrees was a perfectly colorful scrapbook.

Recently, she had been working in some rules to prevent accidents in the Parties that the trolls shared with the Bergens.

“What happens if one of us gets stepped on?” Branch had pointed out the day before. And Poppy had to admit, even being careful accidents did happen. So now, she was working on a scrapbook with some party rules and a copy to get to King Gristle in their next meeting. She also told Branch she would be bringing up the subject of building some paths for the trolls to walk safely and faster through the Town at the reunion.

She still remembered the face Branch made when the word “safely” left her mouth. He looked so proud that she felt warm and giddy inside. And since working on scrapbooks was her second nature, it left her mind free time to wander. She realized that Branch made her want to be a better Troll, a better person. Branch was good for her because he inspired her.

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Cloudy Skies, Cloudy Water chapter 1

Inspired by @ask-artsy-oncie promt here

Also thank you for all the lovely comments on the Prologue -  It really encouraged me to continue with this

Prologue | Chapter 2

Chapter 1

It was a day of bright autumn sunshine in Bergen town, and even brighter around the Troll tree. The last few days had brought cloudy skies above the townsfolk, but this hadn’t dampened moods, instead, the Trolls had shown the Bergen’s the fun of the rain, the enjoyment of jumping in muddy puddles and singing in the rain. Literally.

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Get Back Up Again

Hair we go everyone!

Remember that fanfiction that @king-branch was telling you about?

Well here it is!!! I am planning on making this a mulit-chaptered fanfiction, with at least 5 chapters.

Remember that this is the preview, so please critique me on this so that I can do better with the real chapters!

I hope you enjoy!

(you can find their original AU here)

Originally posted by our-lady-of-space

Get Back Up Again

“The only way you can be happy,” King Gristle Sr. voice whispered. “Is to hear the sweet singing of a Troll.”
 His fathers words still echoed in Gristle Jr’s ears as he woke up from a nightmare. Years had passed and yet Gristle’s heart still ached from the wound his fathers passing had left.
 In the dream, all of the Trolls had gone missing. Every last one. That would mean no color in the dull world of Bergen-Town. No little cages hanging in the windows, and no little Trolls singing. And no singing ment that no Bergen in Bergen-Town would ever be happy again.
 "Troll,“ He moaned from his bed. He put the heel of his hand in his eye to rub the tired, groggy, feeling sleep had left him. The Troll in the cage on the kings bedside table, knew that he was supposed to sing in order to lull Gristle back to sleep or wake him depending on the time.
 'So why isn’t he?’ Gristle thought.
 "Troll!” King Gristle said, a little louder this time. Only his echoed voice returned to his ears. Barnabas, Gristle’s crocodile, grunted and rolled over, obviously annoyed at the rude awakening. Now frustrated, Gristle sat upright.
 "Troll!!!“ He yelled.
 The dark metal cage on his nightstand remained still and when the king looked closely at it he understood why.
 The Troll inside who had once been a bright green was now gray.
 The Troll who had once been jumpy and happy was now motionless.
 Gristle crept a crossed his bed to the cage. He carefully opened the cage and tenderly picked up the Troll. He gently turned the small creature over and looked at its face. It’s vibrant colors had left it’s body days before, but now it’s spirt had finally left.
 Gristle felt the dull shock and sorrow crash over his body as he quietly wept for the small Troll he cradled in his hands. He softly touched the Trolls hair. Then he remembered the Trolls name.
 Gristle gingerly placed the Troll back in the cage and called for a maid to find the Troll Keeper, the one Bergen who took care of all the Trolls in the city. That included funerals.
 Death was not uncommon with trolls, but no Troll Gristle had in his castle had lasted more than 3 years, and he didn’t understand why.
 The funeral had been short and sweet, as most Troll funerals were. The only Bergens invited were the ones who had brought the multiple trolls in the castle to sing as a funeral choir.
 The Troll’s…Diantus’s, small coffin had been a dull green with a brighter inner lining. His grave was hardly a foot down and less than a 5 centimeters wide. The Troll choir sang a sweet but sad song, and none of the Bergens noticed the tears streaking down each of the Trolls’s face. They instead seeped up the rush of happiness they received from the Trolls misery. Gristle lowered the coffin into the hole and two other Bergens kneeled by the small hole. Using small garden shovels they covered the Troll in dirt until the entire hole was filled. As the other Bergens left to go put the Trolls back inside the castle, Gristle walked up and down the rows of Troll graves. He stopped at a few, remembering the voices of the Trolls who had once sang so sweetly, now but now rested in shallow graves, with only Gristle to remember them.
 He didn’t notice until a tear landed on his hand, that he was crying. He wiped them away, and looked at the small droplets on his hand. Did he really care about the Trolls that much?
 'No,’ he thought. He loved his happiness, and without a Troll, his happiness would be gone. Everyone knew that.

DreamWorks Trolls: Princess Poppy [ESFJ]



Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Poppy is constantly reacting emotionally to everything around her. She is upbeat, cheerful and especially loves it when everybody is on the same page emotionally: having fun, happily loving and hugging each other. She’s very diplomatic, always tries to see the best in everyone (especially Branch) and is good at regulating the emotional atmosphere. She likes throwing parties where everyone can have a good time and hopes she will help Branch find happiness again. She’s learning to be a capable leader concerned about the well being of her people and is brave enough to go on a dangerous journey to Bergen town to save her friends. She can also be a bit manipulative as seen when she sends the remaining trolls to Branch’s bunker to make him want to go to Bergen town with her.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Poppy likes to tell the story of how her father saved the trolls from the Bergens twenty years ago with his phrase: “no troll is left behind”, over and over again to the little troll children while showing an scrapbook of the events made by her, since she’s deeply inspired by it. She also likes to have hugging, singing, and dancing scheduled so they can invert a proportional amount of time in each activity every day. She’s not generally as good with practical details when it comes to plans but she’s able to focus on them to find solutions to problems as she’s very attentive: noticing Bridget is in love with King Gristle and noticing different ways of using objects at the Bergen castle to get to rescue her friends.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Poppy is slightly naïve in her view of the world, as Branch points out, but that doesn’t stop her from getting ideas in her immediate environment and using them to her advantage. She was able to help Bridget in her date improvising what she would have to say and encouraging her to win the King’s heart. She’s generally adaptive to new situations and creative in her ideas, however when everything seems lost, it takes her a while (and Branch’s encouragement) to regain her confidence when all her attempts to save the day have failed. She can easily get creative ideas for her party invitations and scrapbooks. 

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Poppy is mostly emotionally driven but she is able to think her way out of sticky situations. During “Get Back Up Again”, she is seen overcoming a series of obstacles by thinking creatively and using her hair. She was also very clever in making a deal with Bridget so she would let her escape with her friends, and when the time comes to face the Bergens, she wins them over with her singing, dancing and the realization that happiness is inside oneself.

Note: Her father, King Peppy, is an ISFJ: very amiable and wise, always there for everyone but more fearful about the consequences that going to rescue Poppy’s friends might bring. I’ll try to make separate posts for the members of the Snack Pack I can type. So far, I’d say Biggie, Fuzzbert, Satin and Chenille seem ESFJ as well; DJ Suki, Cooper, Guy Diamond and Smidge seem ESFP and Creek seems ENFJ.

Habits (Trolls Fanfic)

I just couldn’t resist and made a fanfic of the movie. I hope you like it! Also, I noticed Branch had a sort of gym in his bunker, so I thought that surely he worked out, haha. Bear with me.

AO3  /  FF.NET (soon)

*Shortly after the movie*

The Trolls are finally living again in the Troll Tree in the middle of Bergen Town, without the cage. Life is beginning to be actual cupcakes and rainbows.

A big Party is being organized to celebrate the new friendship between Trolls and Bergens and Poppy stays up until late to finish all the invitations. She’s not the only one awake, she realizes. Old habits die hard.

Poppy stayed up until late that night to finish all the invitations. She was usually quite fast while scrapbooking, but now there was another whole town to give one to, so it was only natural she had to work extra hard. Not to mention that the double amount of time was required.

It was already late enough that it wasn’t “late” anymore but “early”, the sun would be rising soon. She put away all the invitations carefully so she could deliver them the next day and yawned. She realized that she unconsciously had made Branch an extra super special invitation like always.

She didn’t have to anymore, of course. Branch had his true colors now, and she knew he would be coming to the party. But, she smiled fondly to the perfectly scrapbooked invitation with tired eyes, she guessed old habits died hard.

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