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After a long day of study, when Simon is on his way home and he’s too tired to think of anything except his boyfriend’s name on repeat (as if it’s still fifth year and he’s still following his every move), he runs into the flat and collapses on the couch and stays there, eyes closed, until he finally hears footsteps outside the door. Sometimes it’s Penny, and she’ll tease him about his lack of enthusiasm when she walks through the door (she knows he’s happy to see her, she just isn’t the one he’s been thinking about all day). When Baz walks in, if he doesn’t come straight over to the couch, Simon will jump up and wrap his arms around his boyfriend, sighing happily and breathing in the all-too-familiar smell of cedar and bergamot.

‘Mine,’ he sighs, reaching up for a kiss, and it makes Baz’s heart flutter every time.

He says it a lot. Sometimes it’s soft and romantic, whispered at the end of a long night of study when they’re cuddling on the couch, or mumbled into Baz’s chest after a few hours apart (Simon always acts like it’s been so long since they saw each other, and Baz rolls his eyes, but of course he loves it).

Other times it’s when Baz is talking to someone from one of his classes, some cute boy in nice clothes who wears glasses and is clearly so much more fucking smart and interesting than Simon. He’s well-adjusted and normal (and Normal), without massive wings on his back that get in the way and have destroyed more coffee cups than Simon can count. Simon goes to meet Baz because they’ve planned to go get coffee together and finds him talking to this guy, gives him one quick look and strides right over to Baz, wrapping his arms around his waist and saying, a little louder than necessary, ‘mine.’

Baz wants to tease Simon for being jealous (and he can’t deny that it gives him a little thrill every time), but he’s not sure how Simon would react, so instead he takes him to the café and buys him scones and kisses the crumbs from the corner of his mouth. They go home together and Baz holds him close and he shows Simon, as well as he knows how, just how much of an idiot he’s being if he thinks he has any reason to be jealous.

The first time they sleep together and Simon whispers ‘mine’ into Baz’s neck, Baz feels like he’s going to lose it. The second time is no different. After the third time, Baz has to ask him why he keeps saying it.

Simon, in his typical manner, shrugs.

‘Are you saying it to remind me?’ Baz says.

‘No. Does it bother you?’

Baz smiles. ‘No. It drives me fucking crazy.’

Simon frowns, turning his head towards Baz. ‘So… yes?’

‘No, Simon. I love it.’

‘I guess…’ He thinks about it, lifting his hand to lightly trace patterns across Baz’s chest, right over his heart. Baz sighs and closes his eyes, but Simon doesn’t notice. ‘I guess I just like saying it. Still can’t believe my luck, sometimes,’ he mumbles, smiling bashfully.

At this, Baz opens his eyes and turns his head, raising one eyebrow.

‘You,’ he says. ‘You can’t believe your luck.’

Simon grins. (Crowley, he’s supposed to have lost everything, but he’s so happy sometimes.) He moves closer (slowly, and this time he knows exactly what he’s doing), and just before their lips brush, he whispers,


herb garden

a guide for witches who need a more herbal garden for healing, tea crafting, and growing plants in their practice.

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anise : helps find happiness, and is good for psychic abilities.

basil : anything pertaining to love, wealth, protection. dispels fears and weaknesses, drives off evil spirits, and confusion.

cat nip : brings forth beauty, happiness, good luck, good spirits, and a great high for a kitten.

borage : courage and psychic powers.

bergamot : corresponds with money, provides protection from evil and illness, and promotes a restful sleep.

chamomile : love, healing, and sleep. also known to reduce stress.

dill : corresponds with money, protection, lust and luck.

coriander : corresponds with love, health, and protection.

thyme : attracts loyalty, and good opinions from others.

sage : used for self purification and promotes dealing with grief.

rosemary : protects, cleanses, and aids in memory.

oregano : corresponds with joy, strength, and vitality. 

mint : promotes energy and communication.

lemon balm : corresponds with love, success, healing, and psychic/spiritual development. 



I finally came up with my own recipe for black salt! I’ve been wanting to make my own for ages now and this is what I came up with. I love that everybody has their own take on it and I like looking at the inventive ways people have come up with so I thought I’d share my own.

It contains:

-Pink Himalayan Salt (for protection from evil, especially in and around the home. Attracts abundance, prosperity and good health). 

-Ground Chia Seeds (for protection, particularly useful to counteract back-biting, gossip and ill-wishing)

-1 to 2 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil (to dispel unwanted thoughts and emotions and negative energies. Lends protection and relief from grief, rage , poor self-confidence and melancholy) 

-Ashes of a protective sigil

-Incense ashes  

Then all I did was burn up the sigil paper and grind it together with everything. I put some in a bottle for my apothecary and put the excess in a bag for future use. 


There are now a total of six scents available for purchase in the Etsy shop!

Dezy’s Cauldron: (Scent of: Pumpkin pie. Lily of the Valley. Black currant. Strawberry champagne. Vanilla. Raspberry. Almond. Lemon peel. Butter cream. Cinnamon. Clove. Nutmeg. Patchouli. Maple. Oak.) | Internet personality by day, New Orleanian witch by night. Take a sample from the ever-brewing cauldron of our very own Dezy. A bubbly autumn scent, perfect for those who celebrate Samhain/Halloween year-round.

Garden of Persephone: (Scent of: Lavender*. Lily of the Valley. Pomegranate. Patchouli. Vanilla. Raspberry. Passionfruit. Peony. Grapefruit.) | Persephone is known, in Greek mythology, as the Goddess of Spring and the Queen of the Underworld. For those who dream of walking through the Maiden’s garden, this sweet and flowery scent is for you. Come out smelling like a Queen (or King).

Trick-or-Treat: (Scent of: Apple cinnamon. Cotton candy. Patchouli. Cedarwood.) | Remember those plastic pumpkins you used to take door-to-door on Halloween night? Remember the cheesy decorations and black lit porches? Remember how cheap costumes used to be? And remember the feeling that accompanied it all? Yeah. Us too. And this sweet and mysterious scent is directly inspired by that feeling.

Petrichor: (Scent of: Frankincense. Lemon peel. Eucalyptus. Pine. Orange. Grapefruit. Cherry blossom. Hydrangea. Aloe.) | Petrichor: A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. We bottled it. Fresh and relaxing, ideal for bringing on those rainy-day vibes without tracking in mud.

Library of Apollo: (Scent of: Cedar leather. Tobacco and rum. Cinnamon orange clove. Black oak currant. Patchouli cedarwood.) | Apollo is known, in Greek mythology, as the God of Intelligence. For those on a quest for knowledge, those who enjoy only the company of aged paper and dust, this musky and woodsy scent is for you. Knowledge is power.

Lydia: (Scent of: Bergamot*. Ylang ylang*. Jasmine. Basil*. Frankincense and myrrh. Oakmoss.) | She was a beautiful woman in every sense of the word. She was the embodiment of grace, she radiated kindness, she held the deep-seated respect of everyone she came into contact with - and her trademark was her perfume. We’ve attempted to recreate that classic perfume, in homage to her.

*Items marked with an asterisk are essential oils.

Medicinal Herbs & Uses: Bee Balm - Bergamot

Bee Balm is edible and medicinal, the entire plant above ground is edible used as a pot herb, and it is also used as a flavoring in cooked foods. The flowers make an attractive edible garnish in salads. The plant is noted for its fragrance, and is a source of oil of thyme. The fresh or dried leaves are brewed into a refreshing aromatic and medicinal tea. An infusion of young Bee Balm leaves used to form a common beverage in many parts of the United States.

Monarda didyma, (red)  (purple)  Monarda fistulosa,  (pink)

Other Names:  Eastern Beebalm, Bergamot, Wild Oswego Tea, Horsemint, Monarda


Bee Balm leaves and flowers and stems are used in alternative medicine as an antiseptic, carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic and stimulant. An infusion is medicinal used internally in the treatment of colds, catarrh, headaches, and gastric disorders, to reduce low fevers and soothe sore throat, to relieve flatulence, nausea, menstrual pain, and insomnia. Steam inhalation of the plant can be used for sore throats, and bronchial catarrh (inflammation of the mucus membrane, causing an increased flow of mucus). Externally, it is a medicinal application for skin eruptions and infections. Bergamot’s distinctive aroma, found in both the leaf and flower is wonderful for use in potpourri. While a fragrant herb in its own right, Wild Bergamot is not the source of the commonly used Bergamot Essential oil.

Habitat and Description

Bee Balm is a perennial herb native to Eastern North America. It grows in dry thickets, clearings and woodland edges from Ontario and British Columbia to Georgia and Mexico. Bee Balm has showy, red, pink, or lilac flowers in large heads or whorls of about 20-50 flowers at the top of the branching stem, supported by leafy bracts, the leaflets are a pale-green color. The stem of Bee Balm is square, grooved and hard; and about 3 feet high. The leaves occur in opposite pairs, are rough on both surfaces, are distinctly toothed, and lance-shaped. Fine dense hairs cover much of the stem and leaves. Bee Balm roots are short, slender, creeping rhizomes.

How to Grow Bee Balm

Bee Balm is easily grown in ordinary garden soil. It also grows well in heavy clay soils, requires a part shade to sunny place to grow. This species thrives when grown in a dry soil and prefers alkaline soil conditions. Bee Balm is best started from plants which spread like crazy, but will grow from seed as well. Unfortunately, it often gets spotted with a mold like affliction.

How to Harvest and Use Bee Balm

Wild Bergamot flowers bloom from June to July. Gather edible leaves and flowers in bloom, dry on small bundles in paper bags in a dry, well ventilated area. Bee Balm can be used as tea, or as an aromatic suitable for sachets and potpourri.

Herbal Tea Recipe

“Medicinal” tea: To 1 tsp. dried herb, add 1 cup boiling water, steep 10 min. sweeten to taste, take at bedtime.

Folklore and History

The red variety is commonly known as Oswego Tea. It was used by colonists in place of English Tea after the Boston Tea Party, when they threw the English tea in the harbor to protest the high taxes imposed on it by the British. Read More about Oswego Tea

Bee Balm was used as a medicinal plant extensively by Native Americans who recognized four varieties that had different odors. Wild Bergamot was used also as an active diaphoretic (sweat inducer) for ceremonial sweat lodges. A decoction of the herb was made into hair pomade. 


Uplifting, refreshing and relaxing. Encourages cheerful emotions and ideal for depression. Its delicate, sweet aroma can also be used to freshen and uplift a room. Citrus Bergamia is a small tree about 4.5m high with smooth oval leaves. It belongs to the same family as the orange tree. The essential oil comes from the small round fruits which ripen from green to yellow, similar to oranges in appearance.

Native to Morocco and tropical Asia it is grown commercially in the Ivory Coast and is extensively cultivated in Southern Italy. It was first cultivated around Bergamo, from where it takes its name.

History / Traditions

The fruit has been used for hundreds of years in Italian folk medicine. However the fruit was unknown outside Italy and wasn’t exported until recent times. The oil was primarily used for the treatment of fever and intestinal worms.


The essential oil is produced by cold expression of the peel of the nearly ripe fruit. Although many oils are produced by mechanical processes, the best quality oil is produced by hand.

General Description

The oil is a light greenish yellow liquid with an uplifting citrus aroma and balsamic overtones. On aging the oil turns to a brownish olive color. The oil is known to have about 300 components the main being linalyl acetate 30-60%; linalol 11-22% and other alcohols, sesquiterpenes, terpenes, alkanes, and furocoumarins 0.3-0.39%


Bergamot oil has a strong affinity for the urinary tract and is valuable in the treatment of cystitis and urethritis. It should be used in the bath or as a local wash at a 1% dilution. In helping with mental and psychological states, Bergamot is most valuable for its uplifting effects. For tension anxiety or depression, bergamot should be used in a massage oil or in a dally bath. The fragrance blends well with lavender, neroli, jasmine, geranium, chamomile, lemon, cypress and juniper. bergamot can be used in the treatment of tensions causing dietary problems such as over and under eating. The antiseptic qualities of Bergamot make it ideal for the treatment of skin complaints such as acne, oily skin and all infections of the skin. Bergamot is cooling in feverish conditions and has effective insect repellent properties. Bergamot has an inhibiting effect on certain viruses, in particular Herpes simplex 1 which causes cold sores. Bergamot will also reduce the pain of shingles and ease chicken pox in small children. Bergamot is used extensively as a fragrance and is also found in toiletries and cologne.

Safety data

Certain furocumarins (including bergapten found in Bergamot) are photo toxic on human skin. This causes sensitivity and skin pigmentation when exposed to sunlight. Therefore exercise caution when using Bergamot in sunny weather. Bergamot should never be used undiluted on the skin. Severe burning may result.

Magical Properties: 

Money, prosperity, protection from evil and illness, improving memory, stopping interference, and promoting restful sleep. Carry in a sachet while gambling to draw luck and money. Very powerful for attracting success. Burn at any ritual to increase its power.

Also Called: Orange Mint


Monarda fistulosa is in the mint family Lamiaceae. Commonly known as wild bergamot, it is native throughout much of North America. Wild bergamot is a small herb that produces heads of lavender flowers frequently visited by various pollinators. Wild bergamot has many medicinal uses and has been in use in traditional medicine for centuries. It can brewed into a tea that is used to treat colds and the flu. This plant also has antiseptic properties and has been used to treat minor infections and wounds.


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theme thursday: super soap

grey soap options by viceandvelvet

this striking grey soap duo would make a really pretty gift set — i’d pair these two with viceandvelvet’s rockpool jewel soap to round it out as a a trio. super pretty.

New Fragrance: See by Chloé

Luxury brand Chloé’s diffusion line “See” has been going strong since 2001 but the past few weeks have seen the launch of their very first fragrance. Created to represent the cool, unique style of the See by Chloé customer, the scent is a fruity/floral mix with elements of bergamot, apple blossom accord, jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla.

Try it if you like: DKNY Be Delicious, BCBG Max Azaria Within and Love Chloe. 

Chloe fragrances are available in Brown Thomas, Debenhams and selected department stores.