Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 5
  • Rizumu:There's no actual reason. There's no need for rationale. Just because that's how the wind blows, people will attack the same things and like the same things as everyone else.
  • Hajime:
  • Hajime:so, like a meme
  • Rizumu:what
  • Hajime:like a meme
  • Rizumu:w
  • Rizumu:no, as I said, it's essientially people aping each other because of what's popular-
  • Hajime:yeah, that's basically what a meme is
  • Rui:that's basically what a meme is
  • Berg Katze:that's basically what a meme is
  • Rizumu:oh my god- i don't have time for this, get out of my room
  • Rui:oh right, i'm sorry, you must be very busy staring at the ceiling and remembering how Mountain Dew tastes

Suit up - Back to work details

After second part of my summer vacation it was time to get back to office.

Decided to go with my favorite suit - a made-to-measure piece from Sauma, made of light weight wool cloth by Vitale Barberis. Striped shirt from Mastai Ferretti, bottle green grenadine tie from Viola Milano and linen pocket square by Berg&Berg.

Dressed up but something that could be called as office casual.

Suit: Vaatturiliike Sauma Shirt: Mastai Ferretti Tie: Viola Milano PS: Berg&Berg




*replaying it because it gets funnier every time*


‘Today the ensemble I wore was pretty much as colourful as the weather at the moment - shades of grey featuring a bit of black.The day was quite a basic day in the office with a couple of meetings, so I opted for a light-weight wool sports coat by Lubiam combined with the lighter grey flannel slacks (part of a suit) from Sauma and a mid-grey woolen tie, copped from Berg & Berg winter sales a few weeks ago. Even though I rarely wear black shoes for the office these days - for  this combination these black oxfords by Alfred Sargent were the optimal choice. 

Sports coat: L.B.M 1911 Shirt: Eton of Sweden Trousers: SaumaTie & PS: Berg&Berg Shoes: Alfred Sargent 

mud grave au: sometimes peace is a state of being, and sometimes it’s a person. it just so happens Edward’s and Elicia’s are each other. one lost a father, and the other has lost being a father. in mud grave, moments of happiness can be scarce, but when they occur they are made to last. when Gracia Hughes stumbles upon them, after an afternoon at play, her first reaction is to dig out Maes’s old camera from where it’s been locked up since his death and capture this moment forever. “finally,” she says, “we have something to want to remember again.”