Today is Chris Wood Appreciation Day in Twitter

Join us and tell everyone how truly grateful we are for such a talented and charismatic actor.

Please tag him, producers and writers using #ChrisWoodAppreciationDay

Tomorrow Monday we will trend #LoveKaramel

Signs as skam characters
  • Aries: Jonas Vasquez
  • Taurus: Chris Berg
  • Gemini: Even Næsheim
  • Cancer: Isak Valtersen
  • Leo: Christoffer Schistad
  • Virgo: Mahdi Disi
  • Libra: Ingrid Gaupseth
  • Scorpio: Sana Bakkoush
  • Sagittarius: Eva Mohn
  • Capricorn: William Magnusson
  • Aquarius: Noora Sætre
  • Pisces: Vilde Lien