Tanto Dagger

For the creation of this dagger five Japanese sword masters used traditional techniques. Ito ‘Sensei’ has forged the blade of this Tantò from iron powder, while Izumi 'Sensei’ has created the golden HABAKI and METSUKE and engraved a Dragon HARAMI-RYU and BONJI on the blade.

Ikeda 'Sensei’, the polisher, has sharpened the Tanto’s blade using traditional techniques and creating the typical delicate gradation of the Japanese sword (HAMON). Iiyama 'Sensei’ has created the handle for the Tanto from shark’s skin (Same -Kawa), while Oyama 'Sensei’ has finished with traditional lacquer techniques (URUSHI) the cover for the Tantò.

The dagger is part of the “Izumi Project”. “The project celebrates the Japanese Wa (harmony) inspiring principle,“ says Franco Gussalli Beretta, Vice President and Managing Director of Fabbrica D'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. and Executive Vice President of Beretta USA. "This one-of-a-kind set, hand made over five years by artisans on two continents, is an homage to beauty, to craftsmanship, to passion, and to the pursuit of perfection, which drives Beretta Premium Guns philosophy.”

Source: Copyright © 2015 Fabbrica D'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A.

“Guns With History: Gun Shop”

So, cerebralzero posted a bit from the website x depicting a misleading and nearly comical false description of an AR-15. I decided to look into this website to what other kinds of crap I could dig up.

Here we have the semi-automatic, automatic, 9MM Caliber submachinegun. So easy to obtain under the NFA…

Next is the Super Smooth Ultra Compact… revolver?

A full size Glock… with a 7 round magazine? That 9MM Caliber tho…

Compact Glocks! Now with higher mag capacity than a full size frame…

Glock #3! A full size, yet surprisingly compact Glock, with 33 round magazines, and… 32MM barrel height??

Semi-Automatic “Assault” Rifle… With high temp hand guards? And that super compact 100 round magazine…

Oh! Now its just a rifle, with a 30 round magazine. And it comes with a one year warranty!

I’m beginning to think its the one year warranty thats killing people…

That M9 with the dot sight and 30 round mag tho. Please tell me where I can purchase this.

These tidbits of misleading bullshit aren’t even the worst part, oh no, it gets better.

Here’s their video, explaining what they’re about. In it, they basically draw in first time gun buyers, fill their head with propaganda, and make them feel bad about ever even thinking about buying a gun.

But, lets take a close look at the man behind that counter. Please, go ahead and rewatch the video, and listen closely to  his voice.

Sound familiar?


Its none other than Ned Luke, AKA Michael De Santa from GTA V

Michael De Santa, the cop killing, bank robbing, psychopath from Grand Theft Auto V… This is who they got to spew their anti gun bullshit at first  time gun buyers.