Some bitches I'd like to see the Gwent card of

Aiden so we can finally decide how to represent him while smooching Lambert

The Humanist same as above but with Regis

Coën because favorites Witcher

Berengar because WITCHER 1 RULEZ

Siegfried because favourite Witcher 1 character and classified by Geneva Convention as Good Guy™

Essi Daven because she is Dandelion’s family and I would die for Dandelion’s family

Calanthe as a super badass Queen leader

Dettlaff because I’m way more banal than I’d like to be

An alternative card for Milva BECAUSE

AND last but not least

Angoulême because if I wouldn’t put her in too someone else would had add her anyway!




Sketchbook drawings!

Ok so you already know part of the first image but here’s who’s on there.

So there is Helena on that page. A lot of times. I need to figure out how to draw her bodytype. Then there is Blythe the amazing protagonist. He looks grumps but he’s probably making jokes in his head so don’t worry. Also there is Lady Ihrethy Kingsley. She’s a bit messed up but actually a nice person most of the time. And there is Berengar flirting with ladies (One time he succeeds and the other time not so much)

And the second image has the names on it so I won’t bother explaining much but here you have heigth comparison. Fahewe is just a bit too tall haha…

joshuascratch  asked:

I really love the flowers in Enola's hair - are they decorative hairpieces, or flowers she picked up on the roadside during her travels? Does she use her healing magic to keep them alive, or does she pick new ones? What kind of magic does Blythe use? If Berengar is not capable of magic, then does he use some kind of weapon to protect his sister?

She likes to pick flowers she thinks are fitting that day. Sometimes she uses the same flowers for one week straight, using magic on them to keep them fresh. In Autumn she likes to use colorful leaves to decorate her hair. Sometimes when she oversleeps or is just very very lazy (it happens) she doesn’t use anything though. Braiding those flowers into her hair takes a lot of time and if she doesn’t feel like it, or when she’s in a hurry she’ll just leave it be.

Blythe tends to use ice magic. He mastered other magic as well, like fire, water etc etc, but he specialized on ice. But if he doesn’t have to, he doesn’t use magic. For him it’s very exhausting. He is very talented with short swords too. When I have time I’ll draw a sheet of him and his weapon because his short sword is special. uwu

Berengar is a national hero. He defended the king. He is very very very talented with swords and you really shouldn’t underestimate him in hand to hand combat because he can kick your ass.

Blythe is the older twin in case you were wondering.