Since I’m a piece of trash I drew some of my OC’s as Mass Effect aliens or humans whatevs.

For the people who have problems telling turians apart anyway we have… TWIN TURIANS. Blythe and Berengar Rahent. Military family fits them best.

Enola Rahent is the adopted human daughter. The family is friends with a primarch and the primarch is like I’M NOT HUMANPHOBIC MY BFF HAS A HUMAN DAUGHTER. I GET HER PRESENTS SOMETIMES LIKE DOLLS AND STUFF HUMAN GIRLS LIKE THAT RIGHT????

Helena Barett is a super scarred, super tall turian chick. I don’t like that female turians don’t have the phoenix wright spikes so I compromized and just made them shorter. She is a master of close combat.

Mayson Gerand is a super handsome turian who gets super distracted by everything and nobody knows how he survives but then he shows great skill in battle anyway.

Fahewe is a drell assassin who one day went nah I’m gonna travel around bye hanar people I’m not gonna miss you.

Cleena-Mercy is and stays a shapeshifter. Nobody knows what she really looks like.

Finley Lite is a drell diplomat to be and has a very calming effect on everyone thanks to mutated drell venom that makes him smell super nice. He is very kind, very good at lying and his only combat skill is cloaking and running away. He also faints when he hears gunshots very close to him. What a tool.

Anyachi as Anyachi Shepard or a quarian. I hate the canon tattoo-human quarian and refuse to accept it as truth and drew a quarian that is heavily inspired by nightram’s quarian design. Anyachi is tiny tiny tiny and looks way too young for her age which she uses to her advantage 100% of the time.

Actually, that just reminded me that I haven’t actually done any headcanons on Geralt’s bad leg and arm on this blog yet.

For those of you who haven’t gotten around to the books yet, the one time in I believe all of Witcher canon in which Geralt was beaten in a one-on-one swordfight (without factors like his later amnesia interfering with his abilities - see Letho) - was during the Thanedd Coup, at the hands of Vilgefortz of Roggeveen, while trying (and incidentally succeeding, if with heavy consequences) to prevent him from pursuing and capturing Ciri. Geralt squared off with him, and Vilgefortz goddamn annihilated him - with the help of speed-enhancing magic, true, but it was still an impressive curb-stomp of a fight, and some of the worst of Geralt’s injuries coming out of it were a completely shattered femur and a nasty break to both of the lower bones in his opposite arm. He was teleported to Brokilon by Tissaia de Vries, and was thus able to receive healing that put him back in relatively working order within a few short months, rather than being crippled for life as would have been typical of the time, but that didn’t come without consequences.

The techniques used by the dryads to achieve such rapid and complete healing left Geralt with the equivalent of severe arthritis in both his knee and elbow, and for the next two books after this event he’s constantly plagued by horrible pain in both that compromises his ability to fight as he once did. Fringilla Vigo later provides some assistance that helps to minimize that problem, as does the simple act of time being the best medicine, but even by the first game Berengar still comments that Geralt carries a flaw in his guard because of the way his bad leg limits his movement - and it’s by simple virtue of being one of the best swordsmen on the Continent that he’s still able to face up to the enemies he does without it immediately burdening him.

He still deals with the aftereffects of those injuries to this day, post-Wild Hunt - not as horrifically as he did immediately after receiving them, but his joints still ache badly on damp, cold days and before storms, and while he has enough conscious control over his pain threshold not to visibly display a limp on most days, a skilled combatant or medic could still spot it, and he works hard to make sure it can’t be taken advantage of. 

Silver denier of Louis the Blind, King of Provence. Arles, c. 890-928 AD.

Born in 880, Louis ascended to the throne in 887 after the death of his father, Boso, the usurper king of Provence. He was able to gain the support of Carolingian Emperor Charles the Fat, and waged war against the Arab-Muslim pirates who had established a base at Fraxinet in 889.

In 900, Louis was invited by the lords of Italy to replace King Berengar I, who had failed to protect the country from raids by the Magyars. Louis successfully mounted a campaign against Berengar, driving him from his capital of Pavia and taking the Italian throne. He then progressed to Rome, where he was crowned emperor by the Pope. But despite his best efforts, Louis was unable to expel the Magyars or establish control over northern Italy. In 902 Berengar returned to defeat Louis, forcing him to flee to Provence and to promise never to interfere in Italy again.

However, in 905, hearing again that the Italian nobles were tired of Berengar’s rule, Louis attempted another invasion of Italy. Once again, he defeated Berengar and drive him out of Pavia. He also succeeded in taking Verona. But with the support of Bavarian troops, Berengar returned, entering Verona in the dead of night. Louis attempted to seek sanctuary in a church, but he was captured by Berengar. For his oath-breaking transgression, Berengar had Louis blinded, and had him sent back to Provence. Louis survived the blinding and continued to rule in Provence, but his cousin, Hugh, Count of Arles, became the dominant figure in his reign.

joshuascratch  asked:

I really love the flowers in Enola's hair - are they decorative hairpieces, or flowers she picked up on the roadside during her travels? Does she use her healing magic to keep them alive, or does she pick new ones? What kind of magic does Blythe use? If Berengar is not capable of magic, then does he use some kind of weapon to protect his sister?

She likes to pick flowers she thinks are fitting that day. Sometimes she uses the same flowers for one week straight, using magic on them to keep them fresh. In Autumn she likes to use colorful leaves to decorate her hair. Sometimes when she oversleeps or is just very very lazy (it happens) she doesn’t use anything though. Braiding those flowers into her hair takes a lot of time and if she doesn’t feel like it, or when she’s in a hurry she’ll just leave it be.

Blythe tends to use ice magic. He mastered other magic as well, like fire, water etc etc, but he specialized on ice. But if he doesn’t have to, he doesn’t use magic. For him it’s very exhausting. He is very talented with short swords too. When I have time I’ll draw a sheet of him and his weapon because his short sword is special. uwu

Berengar is a national hero. He defended the king. He is very very very talented with swords and you really shouldn’t underestimate him in hand to hand combat because he can kick your ass.

Blythe is the older twin in case you were wondering.