berelain sur paendrag paeron

It was said [Mangin] put the noose around his own neck, and made some Aiel joke about whether the rope would break his neck or his neck the rope. She had heard several Aiel repeat the joke, but never a comment about the hanging. Rand had liked Mangin; she was sure of it. Berelain had informed the Wise Ones of the sentence as though telling them their wash would be ready the next day, and the Wise Ones had listened the same way. Egwene did not think she would ever understand Aiel. She was very much afraid she did not understand Rand anymore. As for Berelain, Egwene understood her all too well; that one was only interested in men who were alive.

Lord of Chaos, ch. 24

I just want to emphasise that this is the kind of filter through which Berelain is presented to us. I like Egwene, she’s a smart kid, and she grows up to be so much more than that, but no, she really doesn’t understand Berelain at all.