Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in Alaska erupts with color during the short fall season. You can find more than gorgeous views and amazing wildlife here, though. Field research continues to uncover evidence of prehistoric animals and the first people to settle the continent. Photo by Katie Cullen, National Park Service.

im still so mad tho im mad about rizzles about swan queen about bering and wells about so many non-canon wlw ships because even tho we are starting to see more queer representation we still dont get slow burn relationships we get a few episode arc and then they hook up we dont get castle and beckett or booth and bones we dont get two characters finding a deep love over time we never get this we just get instant girlfriends or long term queerbaiting and im fucking sick of it im not satisfied with most canon wlw couples because they dont often get epic falling-in-love stories and i want that romantic shit

Sei giovane, vivi.
Se vuoi farti i capelli blu, falli.
Se vuoi bere, bevi.
Se vuoi fumare, fuma.
Se vuoi amare una persona del tuo stesso sesso, amala.
Se vuoi ballare, balla.
Se vuoi mangiare cioccolata alle due di notte, mangiala.
Se vuoi correre sotto la pioggia, fallo.
Se vuoi baciare qualcuno, bacialo.
Se vuoi ascoltare la musica ad alto volume, fallo.
Non lasciare che le decisioni degli altri ti rovinino l'adolescenza, la vita è solo una.
—  rimangounsegreto