ravenbara asked:

I was wondering what all the little cutesy names for pet birds are that you know. I know of birb, bab, borb, beeb, and my current favorite, fluff nugget. Do you know of any more?

fluff nugget is probably my fave/ one i use the most when talking to my beebs

  1. bird
  2. birb
  3. borb
  4. beeb
  5. berb
  6. fluff[er]
  7. puff
  8. poof
  9. fluff[er] nugget
  10. bird[ly] butt
  11. [feathered] dino[saur]
  12. [flying] potato/pear/blueberry/pineapple/marshmallow/pea/ any food resembling the shape or colour of the bird in question
  13. 5 year old on crack with a weapon on their face
  14. fluff-butt
  15. puff-butt
  16. snuggle-butt
  17. munchkin
  18. birdly-boo
  19. bird loaf

Edit: how did I forget these ones I use them all the time ty for reminding me

  • floof
  • floofins

Those are the ones I can remember right now, what do you guys use/ have heard used to describe birds?


“I met this very active footless pigeon on the pier today. He would hardly stay still for a picture, but I’ve named him Fernando. He like to steal people’s fries.”

Sounds like me! (without the footless part, thankfully) Poor Fernando, though! Not having a foot! He seems pretty happy, especially if he was moving around so much you could barely get a picture, so that’s good. Here’s the classification:

Fernando appears to be a berb. He seems like he enjoys moving around a lot, and it sounds like he’s pretty playful too, stealing people’s fries like that! I say he’s probably a berb, since he moves around so much, in spite of his footless nature. Good job, Fernando! He seems to handle his disability pretty well.

Thanks for submitting, he’s a pretty cool bird, and glad he wasn’t struggling with his foot!

submitted by: queeraliendeer

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