berber nomad


this area of morocco has also been identified as being very similar in appearance and possibly geology to certain areas on the planet mars. because of this, there is an interest in this area as a field research location for mars analogue research. and you can find some really cool fossils too!

this is erfoud, the gate to the sahara, and this is morocco!


Sahara Desert, Morocco 

This is the one thing you need to do if you’re making your way to the gate of the Sahara Desert: Ait-Ben-Haddou. 

As you journey through the high Atlas Mountains, take the route that will lead you to the entrance of Ait-Ben-Haddou. This place is a spectacle - earth clay architecture is a sight to behold. From here, find a local guide to walk with you and listen intently to their stories of the past and present as you navigate through the Kasbahs. 

Once you reach the top of the hike, you’ll see the city from the highest vantage point - a view that is a change from the sprawling urban cities that you often see. 

At night, experience living like the nomadic Berbers, the indigenous people of North Africa by camping in the largest hot desert in the world. 

If you wake up at first light, take a seat on the sand dunes and watch the sun rise slowly and hang in the dusty summer skies for a moment or two.

Africa | Sahara-Sahel | Engraved sticks used for the construction of a luggage carrier on the back of a camel. Made by the Tuareg, a  Berber people of nomads in the Sahara and Sahel, North Africa.  Every luggage carrier has its own unique engraving with beautiful geometric patterns, which are so typical for the Tuareg art. Image and styling: Couleur Locale, Belgium.