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Why is this fandom so addicted to tragedy? ㅠ~ㅠ why we just can't imagine them having cute and healthy children that will grow up to be as hot as their parents?


I think it has something to do with the source material

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Can you imagine if Yomo overheard Kaneki and Touka's conversation? What would he think?

I’m sure Uncle Yomo would approve of Touken, especially since he basically adopted Kaneki as his nephew-in-law not long after he arrived at Anteiku.

He would also probably be glad that Touka’s been able to talk to him without giving him a beat-down like the last time he walked in on them. However, I’m not sure he would approve of his niece opening the convo so dirtily. Although, maybe Renji-I-Call-Everyone-By-Their-First-Name-Yomo wouldn’t really be one to lecture about manners…

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It just occured to me why i felt devastated by your "rip out her womb" theory. Not necessarily because it'll happen but because, to me, it'll mean touka will once again become a victim that kaneki will have to rescue. For me it was important that touka proved that she didn't need protecting and that she could defend herself. It would be hard to swallow if she once again got mutilated after boasting about how capable she's become.

I totally understand the fear of female characters being reduced to damsels in distress, but Touka has only been saved by Kaneki a grand total of once before - during which time she was heading to save him, when he was very much a damsel in distress in Aogiri’s hands. Touka’s saves of Kaneki greatly outnumber his saves of her - saving him from his hunger, saving him from eating Hide, and saving him from Tsukiyama, not to mention being a large part of saving him from himself at Cochlea. Kaneki thought he was protecting her during his time fighting Aogiri, but that was almost entirely in his head. So I don’t think damsel syndrome would apply to Touka even if she were to get captured (and certainly not if she only gets wounded, brutal though it may be) next chapter. 

But if it does happen, it’s highly likely that Kaneki will revert to his previous, overprotective stance when it comes to Touka. This will of course be frustrating since he’d only just stopped coddling her, but while it will be a big roadblock, I think Touka will prove herself again. Standing up for yourself doesn’t really mean anything if the danger you face isn’t real, after all, and I think Mutsuki’s potential actions would highlight this fact for the both of them. And I think Touka’s insistence to keep fighting even after her loss would drive her determination home, both for the reader and for Kaneki.

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Don't you think that Kaneki is starting to look a little bit like Arima (not that I'm complaining)?? In some panels he looked exactly like Arima. Even the coat he wears now looks a lot like Arima's one. Do you think that there is some certain reason or theory behind it??

Well, he got that coat when he first started mimicking Arima’s style, albeit with inverted colours.

This was effective to the extent that people started calling him the “Black Reaper” to mirror Arima’s title of “Reaper”. Why did he start dressing like Arima? He wanted to earn respect in the CCG so that he would be trusted with such an important task as guarding Cochlea, and styling himself as Arima’s successor was a quick way to do that, especially since he has been personally trained by him. Furthermore, Kaneki obviously admired Arima quite a lot so it’s not too surprising that he would imitate him, especially when he was trying to become as strong as him.

His hair turning white again in addition to the coat does make him look even more like his father figure, which is fitting since he is continuing his legacy like a loyal son. And his glasses are in the same style as Eto’s pair - not a direct influence like with Arima, but still a link to connect them by Ishida. Finally, his black getup and red gloves are borrowed from Furuta. So Kaneki as we see him today appears as an amalgamation of those three figures who shaped him into what he is now.