Signs As “Shit Alex Turner Says”:

Aries:  “A crowntain ”

Taurus: “John Lennon as a TV chef ”

Gemini: “I would have called AM ‘Arctic Monkeys’ if we didn’t have such a ridiculous name ”

Cancer:  “I quite like the Japanese ones [Motorcycles] ’cause they’re a little bit littler – and,” smiles the lean, bequiffed, five-foot-nine singer, “I’m a little bit littler as well. ”

Leo: Ghost Cookies Story 

Virgo:  “Almonds can fuck off. I’m developing an aversion to them, so fucking dry. ”

Libra:  “Here in Arctic Monkeys, when we’re not asking you questions we’re singing about bricks. ”


Sagittarius: “Music makes you feel something that you don’t really have a choice about. ”

Capricorn: “ They say in London you’re never more than 16ft away from a party… or is that a rat? ”

Aquarius: “ I’m 29..Am I 29?…Yes…No. No I’m not. I’m 28. ”

Pisces: “ Got a very slippy nose ”

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this picture has a bit of a story

it’s gg’s birthday partaaay

gg and matt are clearly in love

amanda isn’t looking that happy because she wishes seamus was with her, but happy because harry and louis are here (and it’s gg birthday of course)

cathy is loving life with will (as always)

lou is in there with aiden (finally)

one direction are just casually riding horses, you know how it is, nbd

and i’m really tiny

happy birthday to the lovely gg! love you bb! <3