I love having and sharing these little recovery moments I have, and I hope you like them too! Last night I went to the movies with my family and we got pop, popcorn, and candy and this was the first time in 4 YEARS that I actually allowed myself to eat the food and enjoy it at the same time. I didn’t feel guilty for eating it either, but instead felt all warm and fuzzy on the inside because I know that I am so much stronger then the girl 4 years ago. The girl who would always tell her family that “oh no I can’t have it” or “ I don’t like it” when really she was just making up excuses not to have some. She would tell herself if you eat that you can’t eat anything tomorrow or if you eat that you are going to gain weight. When in reality that’s not true! The more you restrict yourself the more you will binge out on the food later, and then you end up feeling bad about it and the cycle continues. This photo was taken this morning and I look the same as I did yesterday. Today I will not restrict myself like I would in the past and I will go on with my day as I normally do and standing a wee bit taller then before because I’m hella proud of myself for taking these little steps! That I know later on in life I’m going to be like yes I’m glad I ate that rather than not eating it and wishing I did! Recovery is scary, but when you do things that scare you, you feel hella proud of yourself for accomplishing them❤ stay strong and have a beautiful day my loves.

I’m proud to be a woman because I’m a part of a diverse family of 3.7 billion wonderful, successful, strong, independent, funny, wise and beautiful women. The support women give (and have given each other throughout history) is unique, and without it we wouldn’t be here right now. Thank you – yes, you. Your existence empowers me.

On international women’s day it is important to remember your strength when faced with sexist adversity. Your worth is not defined by your family’s inability to respect you, or society’s inability to accept you. Your worth is intrinsic and powerful in its perseverance inside you. As women, our power is in uniting support of one another, not tearing each other down.