I’ve recently been to the doctor’s for the first time in a while and weighed myself for the first time in 10 months. I’ve officially lost 40lbs and i’m super proud of myself. I know it’s super over said, but never give up. I was bullied for 10 years, and finally people are respecting me and being nice to me. I hate that i have to “skinny” for people to like me, but i’m so proud to finally be happy when i look in the reflection. Just know that you are beautiful no matter your size, and to always be proud of yourself even for the tiny things 💜

I think every girl should take this advice and shove it so deep in their skull that they never forget: By giving him all these chances you’re showing him that it’s okay to keep fucking you up because you’ll forgive him. He’s suppose to cherish you and hold on to you. You’re a fucking gem.
Nothing more and nothing less

There is only One word for love.
It’s not called lesbian love.
It’s not called gay love.

It should not be called the wrong love or the shameful Love.

Because after all
there is still that one word.
And that one word is Love.

Love is Love

Nothing more and Nothing less


Love her. Take care of her. Buy her tissues and soup when she’s sick. Leave her notes in her lunch so she smiles at work. Support her ambitions and career goals. Make her morning coffee for her just the way she likes it so she doesn’t have to bother. Rub her back when she’s feeling sad. Hold her hand when she needs affection. Kiss her forehead to let her know she’s never alone. And never ever give up on her.

I’ve never been ashamed or shy about being bangali. Anyone who knows me know what a big advocate I am of bangalis, our language and culture. I’m putting this up not just to reclaim the Bindi but to be proud of my people. Proud of where I came from! I’m not upset that coachella claims the bindi because they can never erase the past! I love being a desi!