POTHOUND, 2011. A Review. What can I say about this? Lets put it into context: The “Trini” Littlest Hobo. Except in Australia where the “Little Hobo” originated the Aussies LIKED him for the stuff he did. He saved the day and was thanked and then moved on. In OUR “Trini” version (possibly a sign of our times maybe?) Our hero gets maligned, chased and finally comes to a not so great end. Shakespeare? Hardly. Nothing really new here from the Chris & Leiz team. Their previous efforts seemed to resonate with me better, (Check out their Vimeo channel). Great production values cannot hide flawed story telling (overly long, cliched and pretty boring) and in true Chris Guiness style we have the obligatory hyper realised anime sequence. Ok Chris, you can animate this stuff, time for something fresh? I suppose all of these things have got it to the view count it has now? That it connects with the viewer on this level. (Trini’s love their dogs!) But as for raising the level? Not sure.

Props go to the team though for doing different things in an industry that only seems to churn out mediocre offereings and seems only now to be finding a TRUE artform, even if the subject matter seems to elude everyone. In other words, there’s got to be something MORE than just this desolate view we have of ourselves! 3.5 Reids out of 5.

Keep up the good work though Chris and Leiz!


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