beowulf cadmus


Beowulf: Reis. Is it truly you?
Reis: Beowulf! I had thought the joy of your embrace forever lost.
Beowulf: Reis. My beloved…

I love these two so much. Though this scene concludes their (short) story in the PSX version, there is a much more extensive backstory in the PSP version. They’re absolutely adorable together, and neither ever takes the other for granted.


Swordsman: If you leave for the mines of Gollund, would you not hire my sword to accompany you?
Ramza: I do not believe we’ve made acquaintance.
Swordsman: I am Beowulf - a hunter. I pursue the Holy Dragon of which they speak. It has been my purpose for many a year. My knowledge of her would surely be a boon. What say you?
Ramza: Very well. How much gil does your blade require?
Beowulf: We can speak of coin when the job is done. Come, let us make for Gollund.

The knight is Beowulf, one of the many characters I had the pleasure of being introduced to through roleplaying. I can’t reveal much about his personality or background without giving anything away, but he’s become one of my favorite characters to train with. At the moment, his unique skillset is a valuable addition to my team.


Beowulf: My thanks, Ramza. I could not have saved Reis without you.
Ramza: Then we have found the dragon you sought.
Beowulf: A companion more dear to me than life itself. Mere words can be no fitting thanks. And you. You have sought this stone, yet?
Ramza: But how-?
Beowulf: Let us just say I have my own debts to settle. As have you.
Ramza: Who are you?
Beowulf: No enemy of yours.
Ramza: I have enemies enough. I would be glad to count you a friend. Come. Let us quit these darkened halls.

Beowulf makes a horrible mercenary. He didn’t even remind Ramza to pay him.

All he cares about is Reis. Her story isn’t over yet. There’s more to the dragon than meets the eye.