beowulf & grendel

Improvements I think could have been made to Twilight

1. I’m not sure that Bella’s reasons for moving to Forks are entirely convincing. Perhaps she could be moving in order to deal with the vampire problem the town has.

2. On that note, vampires are over-done. To spice things up a bit, Edward could instead be an unidentifiable swamp-thing. 

3. We don’t really hear enough about Bella’s past in Phoenix - maybe she lost a swimming contest because she stopped to fight some sea monsters?

4. The series really delves into the distinction between hero and monster, but I feel that it could use a musing on the nature of good kingship.

5. Instead of thinking Edward hanging about in her room as she sleeps is cute, Bella maybe should rip his arm off and then hang said arm from the roof of her house as a trophy.

6. I don’t think Esme gets enough character development. Possibly she could attack Bella in response to her conflict with Edward?

7. Jessica is too much of a bitch. Lending Bella a sword for her fight with Esme would add depth to her otherwise one-dimensional character.

8. Jacob is a fairly boring name. Wiglaf is far more unusual.

Name: Grendel
Area of Origin: Old England

Grendel is one of three main antagonists in the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf (AD 700-1000), the other two being Grendel’s own mother and the dragon. Grendel’s description varies according to multiple translations of the story, so no depictions of the character seem to look much alike. Grendel is most often depicted as a giant or monster, with many of the same depictions adorning him with barbs on his body. One theory presents the idea that Grendel was not a supernatural monster, but a Viking Berserker of sorts; a giant terrible warrior. Grendel is feared by all but the young warrior Beowulf, who in battle, rips off the beast’s arm. Grendel retreats to his den to die to be avenged by his mother, a monster described as even more ferocious and unstoppable. 


Birthday Special! Gerry from 1999-2015.                                                        This is Part 1, 1999-2006 (One more kiss, Dracula 2000, Reign of fire, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Timeline, Dear Frankie, Phantom of the Opera, The Game of their lives, Beowulf & Grendel & 300)

Happy Birhtday Gerry, stay as you are, I wish you all the best ♥

Hey hey hey beautiful people it is time for another rad collab! The first time we worked together we were just friends, and now we’re married lol. But seriously I’m excited for a second round of awesome boards with @baebae-goodnight. Our first collaboration of Fashion Designers x Idols was fun, but we decided to go spooky this time with the many monsters of folklore/mythology. Each idol will have a snippet with a bit of our take on the story. This is the masterlist that will be updated. Hope you enjoy! 

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The Sphinx + Min Yoongi
A deity amongst men, part human part beast and able to insight terror. She is a mixture of your wildest dreams and darkest nightmares.

The Kraken + Kim Namjoon 
Sailors should know to never assume that the oceans are clear from danger because the waters are calm….beware the Kraken.

Loch Ness Monster + Jung Taekwoon
 Whether or not you believe in the legend of Loch Ness, the existence of this cosmic wanderer continues to mystify all.

The Naga +  Matthew Kim
The Naga is a divine serpentine-like creature - half human, half snake. He is strong, knowledgeable and handsome. 

Lee Taemin + Dracula
The Romanian version of the living dead was said to have two hearts and attacked their victims right between the eyes

BigFoot + Son Hyunwoo
But he is shy and does not harm people, in fact, he is considered a guardian of nature of his tribe. He is just a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid who keeps to himself.

Kim Minseok + Nian 年
A beast of Chinese mythology, the Nian is said to live in the mountains. The Nian fears the color red, loud noise and fire. This fact has played a major part in the celebrations of the Chinese New Year or Guo Nia.

Kappa + D.O Kyungsoo
He may be tiny, but he is strong. He has a hollow cavity on top of its head that possesses a strength giving fluid. If he ever spills this special liquid, he makes himself weak and transports himself back into his the water kingdom.

Jackson Wang + Griffin
The griffin is thought of as king of all creatures. Griffins are known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions. They’re referred to as a symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine.

Piasa x Jang Dongwoo
The Piasa was an enormous flying beast that is depicted as a blend of bird, reptile, mammal, and fish. He was the size and shape of a horse, long white fangs from his protruding jaw, antlers, and flames coming out of his nostrils. 

Ok Taecyeon + Grendel
Originating from the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf, Grendel is one of the soldier’s antagonists. Grendel is often depicted as giant, monster, or beast. All fear him but Beowulf. He is often thought as a westernized depiction of the complexities of good and evil within literature. 

A show of nerdiness. The Finale.

I wasn’t expecting it. Caught off guard by that first glance, I involuntarily debated breathing. My next inhale was orgasmic. Several people looked my way, but I only saw them peripherally and I didn’t care because I was overwhelmed. It was too much. I had to turn away and look at something else.

When I had come round that corner, I recognised the Beowulf Manuscript immediately. Despite this being the first time I had ever set eyes on it, I knew this was it. I’ve read it many times and I felt the words speak to me through the glass and across the letters that formed the Old English in which it was written 1000 years ago. But I wasn’t ready to see the story I love so much. I needed time to prepare myself for such an event.

So I turned and walked around the room, trying desperately to pay attention the other magnificent manuscripts. Nizami’s Khamsah, the Guthlac Roll, Sultan Baybar’s Qur’an, the Gutenberg Bible, and the Golden Haggadah were all there along with many more wonderful things. I could hardly look at them. Beowulf, Grendel, and especially Grendel’s mother were all I could think about.

I took a moment and sat on the small couch. Then I went and stood in front of that display for at least thirty minutes. Pretty sure I ticked off at least four people. Screw them. This was my life’s dream.

Oh. And I saw the Magna Carta too. It was kinda cool.