Alcorn is an 8-pound senior Chihuahua/Dachshund mix.  His friends at the Umbrella of Hope Rescue in the East Bay Area near San Francisco say he’s happy, easy-going, housetrained, and good on a leash.

He’s also loves people and car rides!  He gets a little nervous around other dogs, but he pretty much ignores cats.  He’s also good with kids.

Do you need someone to be your car-riding buddy?  How about someone to keep you cheerful?  Email to meet Alcorn!


Megladon Shark is knows there are plenty of fish in the sea, and he hopes that one of those fishes will find him, fall in love, and adopt him! He’s at Umbrella of Hope Rescue near San Francisco.

When he was a stray dog, he was hit by a car that left him with some neurological issues. He has a little trouble navigating, but it just adds to his charm! And his rescuers got him a Muffin’s Halo, so now he won’t bump into things.

Megladon is very cuddly and gentle. He LOVES people, is good with other dogs, and ignores kitties. He’s good in the house and just needs a person to love and snuggle with.

Email to meet Megladon! 

You know how young colts are a little wibbley wobbly when they get on their feet the first time? Zebra is like that ALL the time!

Zebra is staying with a foster mom for Umbrella of Hope near San Francisco. She’s a special kitty who is going to need a special person. Zebra has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which makes her clumsy and a little cattywampus. She’s otherwise happy and healthy! In fact, she doesn’t even need more trips to the vet than any other cat, and she’ll live just as long, too!

She prefers carpets, but she treats her foster mom’s hardwood floors like a skating rink! She’s also very snuggly, and loves to curl up with a hot water bottle or electric blanket, preferably right next to a person!

Email to meet Zebra!

Stretcher is such an angel, she already has her own halo!

Stretcher is a blind senior lady who uses her amazing halo so she can walk and explore without running into things. Nifty, huh?

Umbrella of Hope Rescue in the San Francisco Bay Area say that Stretcher is an easy-peasy little lass who loves to sit in laps, snuggle, go for walks in her stroller, and gobble up treats.

At thirteen, she may not be a puppy anymore, but she still has a lot of life and love left in her!

Email to meet Stretcher!

Her Royal Highness Princess Anastasia of Umbrella of Hope Rescue in the San Francisco Bay Area seeks devoted servant(s) to cater to her every whim, keep her glorious cloud of white hair in prime condition, and remedy whatever tragic misunderstanding resulted in her current temporary lack of domicile.

Applicants must have extensive awareness of the superior nature of cats in general and Princess Anastasia in particular.

Additional info:



Please submit a detailed resume to One of the Princess’ secretaries will review it and, if agreeable to Her Royal Highness, it will be entered for consideration among what will undoubtedly be a long, long list of applicants.

Sincerely, The Secretarial Staff of HRH Princess Anastasia of Umbrella of Hope

Did you know November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month?

Senior pets are amazing, and Grundle is no exception! This 10 year old Maltese is at a foster home through Umbrella of Hope in the San Francisco East Bay Area.

He’s a tough warrior caught in adorable little fluffster body. His foster mom thinks he’s part gremlin because he grumbles to himself! He does have a few quirks: He needs to be the only pet and shouldn’t go to a home with small children.

But with Grundle you’re going to get such an amazing companion you won’t need other pets!

Contact to see about adopting Grundle!