Shhh…. we need to keep our voices down, just a bit.

Reed was rescued from a house that had 25 other dogs in it, and as a result he’s a little bit shy. The volunteers at Umbrella of Hope Rescue in Pittsburg, California have shown him that people can be kind. Now he LOVES to be held by his foster mom, even if he’s a little cautious around strange people.

He does love dogs though - his dream would be to the best friend of a lonely dog! He just needs a gentle, patient person to bring them into their home and give Reed some time to settle in.

If you live in Western Canada, California, Nevada, Washington, or Oregon and you want to meet Reed, email!

Did you know November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month?

Senior pets are amazing, and Grundle is no exception! This 10 year old Maltese is at a foster home through Umbrella of Hope in the San Francisco East Bay Area.

He’s a tough warrior caught in adorable little fluffster body. His foster mom thinks he’s part gremlin because he grumbles to himself! He does have a few quirks: He needs to be the only pet and shouldn’t go to a home with small children.

But with Grundle you’re going to get such an amazing companion you won’t need other pets!

Contact to see about adopting Grundle!