What level of TallyHall fan are you

0= tally who? Never heard of them.

1= You like “actual canibal Shia La Beouff” and wonder where Rob Cantor is now.

2= You’ve seen that one fnaf turn the lights of animation and you thought the song wass pretty neat.

3= you’ve heard turn the lights off, hidden in the sand and the mind electric. You like the songs but you have not looked the band up yet.

4= mmmm is your favorite album, you wish tallyhall would return one day. But you’re happy with what you got.

5= You have listened to the backwards part of the mind electric so many times your family thinks you’re crazy. You follow every tallyhall blog on tumblr even though they reblog eachothers posts and you see everything at least 5 times on your dash. You cry when you see old recordings of concerts, “it’s just like I’m here”. You also have a youtube channel where you archive every tallyhall song ever made. Joe Hawley lives in your basement, you don’t know how he got there, you feed him pancakes everyday.