beor mountains


favorite fantasy locations - tronjheim/farthen dur, the beor mountains (the inheritance cycle)

“Look well, human, for no Rider has set eyes upon this for nigh over a hundred years. The airy peak under which we stand is Farthen Dûr—discovered thousands of years ago by the father of our race, Korgan, while he tunneled for gold. And in the center stands our greatest achievement: Tronjheim, the city-mountain built from the purest marble”

I literally just drew the entire map of Alagaesia on part of my wall, and I just realized that the mad evil king Galbatorix honestly had nothing to rule. Surda, ahahahaha no. Beor Mountains, hell no out of the tunnels. Du Weldenvarden? It’s like double the size of your entire kingdom and full of motherfucking trees. You wish, Galby. Hadarc Desert? Omg, just try to tame that wild desert life. You would die. 

He literally just had the itty bitty west coast of Alagaesia, filled with the Spine, more mountains and a few cities here and there. It’s been years since I’ve read the series and this is making me laugh hysterically. 

❧ Songs for the Inheritance Cycle | vol.IV: Brisingr. [listen]

• A mix of epic instrumental pieces, inspired by the storyline of Brisingr.

“The purpose of life is not to do what we want but what needs to be done. This is what fate demands of us.” ~Oromis.

1. Eragon & Roran attack Helgrind and rescue Katrina & Sloan: Amon Hen (Howard Shore) | 2. To Walk the Land Alone (Eragon wanders alone after sending Sloan to Du Weldenvarden): Heart Of A Hero (Chance Thomas) | 3. The Trial of the Long Knives:  Love In The Eyes (Ramin Djawadi) | 4. The Varden & the Surdans: Lost but Won (Hans Zimmer)| 5. Eragon’s Elven Guard: Mirkwood (Chance Thomas) | 6. Arya finds Eragon in Eastcroft: The Legend Begins (Marc Streitenfeld) | 7. Shadows of the Past (Arya’s confessions to Eragon): Her Destiny Was Written (David Buckley) | 8. Fire in the Sky (Eragon vs Murtagh): Sin & Restitution (Future World Music) | 9.  Man & Wife (Roran & Katrina): Can You See Jane? (Patrick Doyle) | 10. The march of the Elves against the Empire: The Courage Within (Future World Music) | 11. The Dwarves of the Beor Mountains: Pride Of The Dwarves (Jamie Christopherson) | 12. Orik’s theme:Dwarf Prince (Derek Fiechter) | 13. Roran’s theme:Never Surrender (Brand X Music) | 14. Battle of Deldarad: Siege (Marc Streitenfeld) | 15. Eragon & Saphira return to Du Weldenvarden: Farewell to Lorien (Howard Shore) | 16. Inheritance (Brom’s last message to Eragon): The Real North (Ramin Djawadi) | 17. The Tree of Life (the Menoa Tree): Prologue (James Newton Howard) | 18. A Rider in Full - “Sword, I name thee Brisingr!”: Sword Of Omens (Audiomachine) | 19. Leave-taking (Oromis & Eragon bid each other farewell and depart from Du Weldenvarden): Beyond the Forest (Howard Shore) | 20. Battle of Gil'ead: Protectors Of The Earth (Two Steps From Hell) | 21. Oromis vs Murtagh - Galbatorix takes control and defeats Oromis: Guardians At The Gate (Audiomachine) | 22. Glaedr’s theme: Infinite White (Steve Jablonksy) | 23. Siege of Feinster - Eragon & Arya defeat Varaug: Knights March (Hans Zimmer) | 24. Sunrise - “We can do this”: Flow Like Water (James Newton Howard).

Modern AU

Alagaesia is a HUGE city. It has boroughs, but at its center is Uru'baen, where resides the “elected” mayor Galbatorix. Eragon lives out at the rural edge of the city in a trailer park, with his cousin and uncle, and goes to a podunk high school and generally thinks his life stinks but will never change. Brom is his history teacher. Sapphira is a rare and valuable A.I. that only opens for the genetic match she is pre-determined to work best with–Eragon–and is delivered to him almost by accident, but mostly fate. The plot of Eragon ensues with the changes, Garrow dying, and Eragon leaving his trailer park for the “safety” of the street-gang The Varden, Galbatorix’s only opposition. Brom, Sapphira, and Eragon have to take it slow to avoid Galbatorix’s Enforcer Durza, running across an Uru'baen young adult–Murtagh– who is willing to help them, and one of Durza’s kidnapped victims, a Du Weldenvarden heiress–Arya– who has been drugged and abused and generally needs the help that only The Varden can supply. The rest of Eragon continues up to the point that they find The Varden in “the Beor Mountains,” which are more a cluster of skyscrapers in disrepair, their base of operation being Fathern Dur, a large building, and perhaps the biggest skyscraper of the bunch. Arya “recovers” with help and methadone, proving that while she’s the prettiest girl Eragon’s ever seen, she’s also the most haughty. Murtagh is discovered to be the son of Galbatorix’s dead right-hand-man Morzan, and thrown in The Varden’s “jail,” visited everyday by Ajihad’s–The Varden leader–daughter Nasuada, a no-nonsense feminist that enjoys the intellectual equivalence of their “prisoner.” Sapphira matures at a quick rate, her ability to hack comptuer systems incomparable. It comes to light that Galbatorix’s way of staying in power is his own stolen A.I., Shruiken, who can rig elections every two years, keeping him mayor indefinitely. Now, Eragon knows what The Varden have planned for him and Sapphira, and though he may not like it, he is Alagaesia’s only hope of change for the better. He can only hope they’re ready when the time comes to spring into action.