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XingPark’s Fan Support for Unexpected Love

Rough trans of excerpts from XingPark’s fan support summary:

(Fr. page 8)…Around 11:30pm, Yixing came to the fan support location and was very happy to see the background poster (of himself). He bidong'ed (kabe don or wall pinned) his own poster and kissed it with his closed his eyes, with a smile on his face while making an L to us. He went through every tent while we stayed outside to keep things orderly. It wasn’t until afterwards that we read from a staff’s weibo that he stared at the ‘Hanlin, universe’s super star’ display for a while and also took a selfie with the specially made cookies (and Lay figurine).

In keeping with the venue contract, we had to put everything back as it was before sunrise. So around 3am when most of the staff had eaten, (we) started taking the tents apart, but we didn’t want to take apart the Yixing display tent on the side in case he came back. And that actually happened! After Yixing finished filming a scene, he indeed came back. It was late into the night by then and there weren’t any other fans nor staff around but Yixing came to us and talked to us for a bit: ’…did you do this all by yourself?…Thank you everyone, you’ve worked hard…’ Forgive me as these were the only sentences my addled brain remember. As everyone know, Lay’s currently on a diet and shouldn’t eat at night but he broke his diet and tried the food we made and bit a cookie that he took a selfie with earlier. He also took away the lollipop cake with Lay written on it.

After telling us to go home early, Yixing went back to filming. In order not to bother Yixing, we didn’t walk back with him but just watched him leave and said quiety ‘good night’, ‘be mindful and rest’ and 'hope your film do well’ etc type of things. After walking away for about 10 meters Yixing suddenly turned around in our direction and gave a deep bow. That was (for us) what people call 'can keep loving (him) for 500 more years’ type of moment.

(Fr. page 5-7) Gift for Yixing: 6 hats from various brands, 3 Sakun masks, 2 pikachu phone cases, Japanese snacks and honey butter chips, Valentino cologne set, BeoPlay wireless speakers from Bang & Olufsen, personalized Tiffany cuff links, Zegna belt (because Lay’s last name start with Z), Dior shirt & Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

(Fr. page 9) For this fan support, (we) prepared presents and food for 150 staff. (We) rented 5 trucks, had 15 helpers, 3 cooks, 1 pastry chef, and 6 waiters. All cost was covered by XingPark, Of the 15 helpers, most flew from other cities and lived in Beijing for 5 nights. They gave up the chance to watch Yixing film only 50 meters away. From 5pm until 5am, they worked on every detail from small things such as sticking stickers to tying bows, to big things like moving hundreds of chairs and tables themselves because the trucks couldn’t enter the venue. All the decoration was done by them too so everyone really worked hard!

Xingpark wrote a lot more because they faced a lot of difficulties doing a large scale fan support. Unlike in Korea, there are more restrictions, less understanding and less special companies that help fans do fan support like this. I translated some of their summary because I hope more people can read the effort these fans put in. 

Weibo link to all the fan support pics. Alt link. I didn’t post them here cause they’re really large/long and tumblr compresses them.