hey if ur gonna experiment with drugs

because there are a lot of idiots in my school who have no idea what they’re doing

• do a lot of research on the drug you’re gonna do
• stay the FUCK away from meth and heroin, seriously
• if it’s a pill, look up the identification number on it to make sure it’s the drug you think it is
• do not mix hard drugs with alcohol, especially benzodiazepines (ie xanax, klonapin, valium, ativan)
• don’t do it for the first time alone
• if the paramedics end up getting involved, don’t lie to them, you won’t be arrested they are there to help keep you safe and alive
• don’t take any drug you aren’t completely sure about taking
• again, stay the fuck away from meth and heroin.
•if you are injecting something, use new, sterile needles and alcohol wipes.